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Weekend Summary

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Long weekend, and time to play! Friday and Saturday are pretty booked with RL events, but I do still have goals:

1. Hit Revered with Klaxxi. Should take 1-2 more days of dailies.
2. Solo MC. Par for the course.
3. Do the questlines for Golden Lotus and start their dailies. Am I right in thinking that August Celestials and Shado-Pan require you to get a certain reputation with Golden Lotus first? If so, that SUCKS... but there's ZIP left for me to do with Shado-Pan and no dailies available. So Golden Lotus it is!
4. Max out 1-2 more "Way of the X" cooking paths. At 580 and 590 with two of them right now; just need some veggies. Not too tough now that I have 16 plots for farming.
5. Up in the air. Likely Argent Crusade dailies for tokens. Maybe soloing old content for rep and mount chances. Possibly finishing Winterspring quest achievement (my last zone achievement outside of Pandaria). Likely pet battles.

1. Hit Revered, completed the achievement for finding all the paragons
2. Done. Also did a lot of Black Temple, netting around 6k more rep there.
3. Turns out I already did the questlines (or so I think). So I did the dailies.
4. Done. Maxed out two more Ways. Also hit Best Buddy with all Tillers people except Fish Fellreed.
5. Did AC one time... Finished Winterspring. Finished Outland pet battles and got my first pet to 25. Hunted a ton of rare spawns. Finished the quest achievements for Townlong and Kun'Lai (had been missing two smaller chains from the last time I went through it).

And played a bunch of ME3 Smiley: grin Also did a lot of RL stuff with friends on Sunday.
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