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#1 Apr 09 2012 at 9:12 AM Rating: Excellent
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WOW: Noblegarden is just around the corner and I'm trying to wrap up Darkmoon Faire on various toons. I'm not sure how much actual play time I'll get this weekend, but I'd like to get at least some of the various alts to a significant break point in leveling (20 for the mount, 25 for glyphs, 40 for the mount). I've had several toons sitting around just short of key levels and I really should get that taken care of. I'll have to try to get the Spring Rabbit on at least one of the current crop of toons so that Bun-Bun can have a giggle.

Indeed, various alts hit the next landmark level. That ranged from getting all of my alliance toons to at least 20, several to 25 and (wonder of wonders) the priest to 40. I did the egg grind on, of all things, my druid and was really happy to find out that the rabbits are no longer BoP.

RL: It seems the Bunny has decided she is back and all of my weekend are belong to her. By and large, this is a good thing. We may make a raid on the huge, wholesale market. She loves German beer and they sell the 5L canisters of EKU for 130-140 RMB (roughly 20-22 USD), depending on which variety one gets.

Well, OK, we ended up getting several 1L cans of EKU instead and saved a bit that way.

Here's hoping that if the mount dropped for you, it was in the first couple of hundred eggs rather than close to 500 as it was for me. Smiley: nod
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#2 Apr 09 2012 at 9:34 AM Rating: Excellent
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DS 10 tonight - ICC 25 Sat night

The runs went well. Downed ship again and made progress on spine. We did ICC 25 on heroic except for the LK himself and we got Neck Deep in Vile done for those that didn't already have it. Some drama happened regarding one of the guild raiders who apparently felt that the ICC group leader was ignoring people asking to do achievements so as to get his friend closer to getting the legendary. Of course this same guy is the one who was asking around in guild if anyone wanted to do a mount reserved OS 25 run to get himself the mount. >.< I am not totally sure what happened but when I checked last night, the raider was out of the guild and our DS raid leader was talking to the ICC leader about helping him get a few more bits of tanking gear for his warrior. Bah - I liked both guys and I know it's going to set us back a little switching tanks all because of one guy misinterpreting things and then being mouthy to the other guy during our ICC run. I know the other guy is a good tank but having a DK for ship was helping a lot. >.>

DM Faire - got tired of dailies but I might go do the monthly prof quests on my Alliance characters. After getting both mounts on my main, my willpower to keep up with it all on alts has greatly diminished.

It remained diminished and I didn't go back there.

Noblegarden - I wasn't really planning on doing much but if they add new stuff to it then I will at least have to do it on my main and some of my more important alts.

I got the mount last night through lots of running around yesterday morning and a bit in the evening. I will probably be doing it on my lowbie Warrior this week.

Transmog/gear farming in old content - I still am working on this though I'm beginning to suspect that the Ironweave Pants got removed from Kormok's loot table in Scholo. Wowhead is no help on that since they don't even list a loot table for Kormok and they show all of his drops as not being in the game anymore (which is definitely wrong since he readily drops 4 of the 5 items on his pre-Cata loot table.)

I did a bit of farming and ended up completing the Scholo Necropile cloth set and got the last piece of Deathbone plate for my lowbie Warrior and a few bits of Cadaverous leather for my Druid. I also did three runs of ZF with my lowbie Warrior without seeing either of the swords but when I went back in there on Saturday, I got both in two runs so now my 44 Warrior has an awesome epic sword. :D

Beta - been spending more of my extra time poking around on Beta instead of my usual pursuits. It's definitely buggy, crowded and my class needs more work but visually, the new Panda zones are beautiful and amazing.

I did a little though the current bugs are keeping me from progressing through quests. I did go over to UBRS/LBRS to see if I could still summon the bosses from those instances and that worked fine. I also got to check out the aoe looting a bit better and I'm still not convinced that it is picking up all of the junk. The gold seems to get picked up fine as well as boss drops but I swear that the gray and white junk was less than it should normally be.

Real life - Off to my sister's house on Sunday most likely - probably be a nice big group of family since it's Easter.

We had a good dinner of ham. My visit with my Mom went well and she seemed more alert and 'normal' which is always good. I got to meet my mom's new cat who seems very nice and friendly though he needs to be taught to scratch the scratching thing and not the furniture.
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I didn't get to play any games this weekend as I had the little one. We did have a blast at the zoo on Saturday and at my sister's house on Sunday, despite the sinus infection the little one had.

Rhode, I will be back with goals thread this Friday, so if you don't see it posted by about 9:15 am central time (Chicago/New Orleans in the US), then something has gone horribly wrong and you should post it for me. Or it could just mean that I took Friday off of work and forgot to log on from home. But assume the worst!!!
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