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Beta vs. No BetaFollow

#52 Apr 24 2012 at 10:37 AM Rating: Excellent
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PigtailsOfDoom wrote:
Well they haven't gotten that far horde side then, because I didn't have any option to choose anything. It just sent me right inside a town with a flight path and a bunch of people pvping.

That's weird because I had the option of picking Pandaria or the Wreck site on my Troll and my friend told me to pick the Wreck because that's where the quests start. This was a few weeks ago back when I first got the invite. I think I have used the portal at least once since then with the same options though that was a week or two ago as well. I haven't used it very recently though. This was on the Echo Isles server.

Things do get buggy though - so anything that was true a few weeks ago could be totally wrong now. LoL

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Yeah, when I tried it last week it just took me right to this little town. There was no option at all, but maybe it was a bug of some sort.
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Theophany wrote:
Tellaria wrote:
On the Alliance side the panda has two options "Pandaria" and "Wayward Landing". No explanation of either and Wayward Landing is where our quests start. Fortunately there are a few people with excellent macros that they post every couple minutes that explain things better than Blizzard does. I still managed to pick the wrong option from the panda, but I got to check out some amazing scenery on my ride across the zone.

On an unrelated topic, it's embarassing how reliant I got on my flying mount and I get lost so easily traveling by ground. But so far the scenery in the new zones is worth taking a look at.

If you choose Pandaria, there's a portal back to Stormwind and you can very easily choose Wayward Landing.

You guys are making it out to be the end of the world that you have to figure things out that aren't being spoon-fed to you.

Huh? I'm not upset at all. I even said it was my own fault I went to the wrong spot. And yes I know there's a portal to Stormwind right there. I also could have hearthed back to SW and taken the correct portal from the panda too, but I chose to explore the new areas. Breadcrumb quests are nice, but it's really not that difficult to figure things out and at least on the Alliance side, asking in general chat usually gets 2 or 3 answers right away.

And a side note on the portals even though it's probably been mentioned - even if you're not a mage, pick up some Rune of Teleportation so you can use portals without getting stuck.
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