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What are your favorite quests?Follow

#1 Feb 15 2005 at 2:48 PM Rating: Good
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Now let's be honest, some quests out there make watching paint dry sound like a breathtakingly exciting activity. The "collect the power crystals" quest in Un Goro comes to mind. However, there are some quests out there that, while it may not be terribly exciting in and of itself, it has some interesting or amusing things that can happen. I'll give a couple of examples of quests that I really thought were amusing.

The set of Mage quests from Tabetha in Duskwallow Marsh is amusing. The quests themselves are rather boring, but the NPC dialog is rather amusing. One of the funnier ones was something like, "Good luck! And if that doesn't work, at least it was nice knowing you."

Another amusing one is during the "Heros of Darrowshire" quest. Pretty basic simple quest, go pick up two things off the ground. However, when you pick one up, you get "haunted" and a ghost follows you around randomly appearing for 10 minutes and talks to you. Was really spooky when it happened, nobody was expecting it! :)

I do have to say, though, that the most amusing one so far is the "Are We There, Yeti?" quests. First one is boring, go get 10 yeti furs. Second one is boring, go get 2 yeti horns. The third one though is awesome, you have to go "scare" 3 of this NPC's friends. I only got to do one of them this morning, cause I figured it would take more than the 5 minutes I had before the servers came down for maintainance to get from Winterspring down to Gadgetzan. The one that I did do was so hilarious I was laughing all the way until the server came down. If you're level 55 or up, you HAVE to do this quest. The reward in the end is going to be fun, but doing the quest itself is a pretty fun reward by itself! :)

Anyways, if you've come across any funny quests, post your favorites here!

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#2 Feb 15 2005 at 2:58 PM Rating: Decent
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The end of the Defias Brotherhood line, "Items of Some Consequence" and "The Attack." A little silk and some large ripe apples put to good use; who knew a little harvester could look so good?! =P
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I love Twisted Hatred, I know it is a newb quest but it my first infiltrate-a-dungeon-and-kill-a-boss quest.
With sneak on I managed to get past the minions, and after it I backstabbed the demon, gouched it, backstabbed it again and spammed sinister strike to gain combo points. My finishing move didn't finish him and he tried to get away, thats when I gave him the final blow by throwing a knive in the fleeing monsters back.
It sound odd, but it was the quest in my MMORPG life where I smiled after I beat it. (Normally I just think "w00t!" and continue playing.)

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Killing Van Cleef.

I just love doing it, and all the wackiness that ensues up to the boss.

Killing Cookie is fun...a murloc that can't get 9435802389 of his friends to zerg you!!!

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i have no idea what the quest is called, but it's in felwood.

Somewhere, while on another quest, you find an flute of the ancients

then ya have to find a place in Irontree woods and blow it. Then this HUGE ancient apears and you have to escort him to the other end of the zone (felwood is a LARGE zone.

If you've done an escort before, you know there is usually 1-2 places where ambushes are set with 3-5 mobs popping, this is no different. The main thing is, this guy is a GIANT, you have RUN to keep up with him. If you stop to loot the 3-5 kills, you better quick loot all, or you will fall behind too far and fail the quest.

It's fun because you are runing between his feet, the ground is shaking, big thumping sounds to your left and right (for those that play with sound). It's also fun to watch folks that you pass, do a double take, maybe even follow you awhile to whats up. This guy is HUGE, tree top size.

I did it twice, since the guy i was douing it with decided to loot the 3-4 that ambushed us and he failed. second time i looted them, since i did it already. I looted with quick loot, jumped on my warhorse (pally) and with my spurs and carrot on a stick, took m eabout 2-3 minutes to catch up to them.

I dont remeber the quest reward, but it was one of the more memorable quests i did.

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Would have to say Cannoneers Quest at Northwatch hold. I am a little new to game, but my rogue was alot of fun solo'n it
#7 Feb 15 2005 at 5:36 PM Rating: Decent
Just created a troll priestess and was smiling about the way she lumbers around thinking to myself, "this girl is going to be fun to play" and then she gets the newbie quest to go slap the lazy guys. That one had me laughing.

I thought herding the kodos in Desolace would have been fun but it was bugged when I was trying to do it.

Escorting the Chicken was fun because everytime I did it I got a whisper from a guildie or a friend wanting to know what I was doing... "I'm, uhm, escorting a chicken...".
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The slap the lazy peons quest in the Valley of Trials is the funniest one.

I don't get tired of doing that one.
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A quest in Tanaris called 'Tooga's Quest' or some such, you have to escort a giant (about twice the size of my orc) across Tanaris. It's a timed quest (30 mins).

Unlike other escort quest, there is no 'scripted' attack. Tooga however, complains every 5mins (like a kid 'Are we there yet?').

The funny thing is that he assist you if you get attacked, even by players - he helped me kill a warrior that tried to gank me.
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organikz wrote:
I agree that some quests are like watching paint dry, haha. I guess when determining what constitutes a good quest, the following should be considered:

i. Did the quest hold your attention for the duration, or conversely, did you find yourself overwhelmed by tedium, completing it in a brain-addled stupor and silently condemning the moment you accepted it from the quest giver?

ii. Would you partake in the quest again on an alt or in the form of a daily?

iii. Did you learn some interesting factoid about Azerothian lore that stuck with you in indelible fashion? Or find yourself completely engrossed in the storyline? Then you've probably got a good one to share.

That being said, a few that pop to mind that hasn't been mentioned yet:

1. I had a lot of fun with "AHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!!!" in Redridge Mountains in terms of a mindless fun/humorous quest. What's better than mowing down hundreds of Orcs in cold blood with a battle tank? Some of the quotes during this questline are downright bizarre/amazing/hilarious as well:


2. The quests pertaining to the trio of Frozen Halls instances within Icecrown Citadel were awesome; particularly Arthas stalking after you in the guise of an infinitely more malevolent and terrifying version of the boulder from Raiders of the Lost Ark and all of the interactions with Sylvanas/Jaina beforehand. Say what you will about WOTLK dumbing down the overall experience of the game or "catering to casuals," but the inclusion of Arthas as a recurring foe throughout the game and the introduction to all the phasing zones really made the expansion a pretty **** immersive experience for me.

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Interesting how most of your post is directly quoted from this topic six months ago at the Something Awful forums. My Google Fu is strong.
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