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#1 Sep 12 2005 at 8:47 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok I just got back in game after a long time off and need to get the tipt flagging done....I don't know the GoD zones, is there any easy, clear way to find out what I need just to get Kod'Taz flagged...I have spent hours and hours going over the quests on this site and its just really unclear.. I just need to know whatever the minimum is I need to do to get Kod'Taz flag. If someone could direct me in the right direction I would be very grateful...thanks so much.
#2 Sep 12 2005 at 8:57 PM Rating: Decent
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Just got my tipt flag after 5 attempts...horrible place /shudders

The way we do it, enchanter charms a pet...sometimes this takes awhile to find it. Ranger or Druid keeps pet snared whenever charm breaks. Cleric and/or Pally stuns the mob whenever charm breaks. Never, ever tank the pet. Keep kiting it until the 'chanter can get it back under control. Tank...tanks, but not the pet. Fill in the group with whatever dps you want and kill mobs until you get the key that unlocks the gate. kill till the end of the zone and answer the riddle to get you into the boss mob. We used a ranger with weapon shield to tank the boss and had the pet do the dps with the rest of us attacking, took like 10 seconds to kill him. Then, we killed the pet and zoned out invised. It's harder to get to the boss, then it is to kill him. The group who got me flagged had done it 300+ times and were experts at it. Very impressive group to watch in action. I'll see if I can find the posting on the guild website and post it here.
#3 Sep 12 2005 at 8:59 PM Rating: Decent
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There are 3 ways to do Vxed and Tipt:

1: Straight tank & Kill

2: Tank & Kill with Enchanter charm pet

3: Let the Enchanter pet tank.

Just so we understand: These mobs almost universially double for 1k+ and many have up to a 700 DD proc. Many mitigate slow. Some run at Selo's speed. About 30% summon. (It goes without saying you should get a full suite of summoned weapons to equip pets with--bring extras, odds are you'll loose a few pets till you're used to it)

A quick rundown of mobs you'll encounter:

Stonemites: ******* to see. (Small and low slung, easy to get these by accident if you're not careful) Proc an annoying but not terribly lethal long duration dot. They summon but are mezable & charmable. NOT recomended for pets.

Hynids: Low magic resist, have an innate DD proc, dont summon, snareable & rootable, relativly low HP. These make good pets for raw dps but are somewhat lacking in the HP department. Immune to Harmony/pacify and See invis.

Cragbeasts higher magic resist, more HP & AC, proc a stun, make decent pets particularly for tanking. Snare & rootable. Mitigate slow. Don't summon.

Pooka: very low magic resist. Snare & rootable, dont summon. Relativly fragile though. (they dont tank so well) Fully slowable, can be harmonied. Some enchanters first choice for a pet.

Kyv: Quite frankly Kyv suck. Selos's speed runners, summon, they're actually rogues so like to backstab your puller. All but named are snareable. See invis, run at low health, and very high damge output. I dont even fight them if I can help it. Wouldn't even think of trying to pet one.

Noc: Selo's speed runner, they single-target rampage (standard 1st on hate list) proc a ~600 DD/dot. Snareable, Harmonyable, generally see invis. They ARE petable but the rampage makes a broken pet an ugly thing.

Pacify/harmonyable. If you can't find anything else, this works. Sometimes hard to see as the're very dark.

Ukun innate cast of Ukun chains--short duration snare that overwrites your pets snare so be warned. easily resisted proc. 600 DD proc, run a selos speed. Generally they do summon. Rarely they'll throw Whorl of Claws (AE Dot/DD) as they die. See invis, but are harmonyable. Might be charmable but high MR and summoning makes them a bad choice.

Mastruq: Some cast pets, most dont. Proc that same 600 DD, some summon some dont, generally see invis, but they're also generally pretty rare. Uncharmable. Snareable, rootable, some are shaman and have been known to gate and haste those around them.

Ra'tuk: Flurry and enrage but only extremely rarely. Snareable, harmonyable, one of the lower threats if you ask me. Not charmable.

Ikaav: Ikaav are the wild card often. They're universally spell casters, and will throw a 30 second Ukun pet. (hits for about 700) Despawns after 30 seconds. Can FD it off or mez till it despawns. They summon and often have protective spells on them that mitigate all incoming damage 50%. (dispell it) --Frequently they gate so stun or fight near spawn point. They'll dispel so best not let a pet tank. if your pet is DPS'ing, mob wont have a chance to gate. Not charmable.

Anuek: Some are clerics some are enchanters. All have an innate snare thats hard to resist and an innate mez thats easy to resist. they've been known to cast dispel and gate. Low Hp, can be harmonied. See invis. Wouldnt dream of charming one. Lowest DPS output of anything here pretty much.

Bealadu: Nihil ghosts. See through all invis. Dont summon. You only see these in one place in Tipt and I'll cover them there.

Stoneworkers: Shaman mostly. They summon, dont see invis but mitigate slow. Usually harmonyable but I wouldn't bother. Relativly high damage output and the summoning can make them fairly lethal especially since they mitigate most damage 20% meaning you'll be fighting them longer.

1. The Tank & Kill method will be slow, tedious and you're goign to spend a LOT of time meding. No way around it --mobs chew through your mana. I dont recomend this method.

2 & 3: This is the preferred method, with 2 being slightly safer than 3 but more mana intensive.

Recomended party makeup:

You must have the following skills in your party, however you get there:

Someone who can Harmony/Pacify OR FD pull


Someone who can cast Ensnare (14 minute snare) (Druid or ranger)


Highly recomended is a stunner (pally or cleric or 2nd enchanter) or short term mezer (bard or Enchanter)

Tank is nice to have a backup.



You're taking a mob that doubles for 1k, hasting it 70%. Giving it another 10% haste mask. Handing it 1h weapons with a delay ~20. It will MOW through just about anyone. Dont risk it. Remember, you didn't get a summoning pet so root it, stun it, snare it.


Enchanters have this tendancy to stand their ground and try to get a tash/mez or tash/charm or tash/stun combo off. Dont ask them to. If a pet breaks with no mob in camp, everyone shoudl Immediatly try to get agro on the pet and then RUN with it. run in circles and up the walls (SOE is a huge help here) Use the bad wall pathing to your advantage but keep the mobs attention so the enchanter can get back charm. Pallys & clerics stun, rangers chain snare--whatever you have to do. Root isnt the first choice but its better than the alternative.

If a pet breaks WITH a summoning mob in camp (particularly if pet is tanking) you have a real problem. Get the summoner under control first. Get a tank on it or mez it. no other choices. everyone else should be trying to get back the pet. If you dont have a summoner, everyone just go into CC mode. Root the non-summoner and get the other mob under control.


Pet tanking rules work like this: Mobs hate list MUST be capped at 4. No more than 4 total on the hate list or a pet CANNOT tank. (Mob ignores a pet if hate list is > 4) This means you need your Snarer (often the puller), The Enchanter, and the Healer (healing the pet) and the pet. Everyone else: No buffs, no nukes, no snares, you sit on your ***. you can cast when you have no mobs with any agro. Dont even get too close to the mob. Boring as **** but effective. The only time this is really bad is if you have a summoning mob in camp and the pet breaks. Be ready to have someone tank the summoner
#4 Sep 12 2005 at 9:00 PM Rating: Decent
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It starts out much like Vxed but with only one path to choose. Just start making your way through the zone (Ignore the side rooms) using the tactics you used in Vxed.

For this zone I *HIGHLY* recomend a ranger in your group in addition to the enchanter. (Rangers have a longer duration weaponshield than other classes with reposte/parry/block/dodge disciplines) You'll see why when I get to the boss.

After you make your way across the large bridge (you'll know it when you see it) the path starts to go up a large hill. At the top of the hill is a clearing with no mobs. This is the first 'trap' room.

Clear the path to the trap room then cast invisibility on 3 of your party members. Have them run up to the center of this room, (3 people are required to trigger the trap here) and the room will suddenly be filled with baby cragbeasts. Unlike all other cragbeasts they summon. They are immune to harmony/pacify but if you >proximity< agro them (Going CLOCKWISE around the room --counterclockwise you'll get adds) anyone can pull them single. They only hit for about 600. They are not root or snareable. Once they are all dead, the Enraged Maternal Cragbeast spawns. She hits for about 1200 but has low hp. Just get the pet on her and she dies fast. She drops some nice augments (FT2/regen 2, 30 hp/mana/end, +10 atk/2 regen all/all all slots)

This room is now safe and will not respawn again.

Use this as your camp as you clear up to the next area.

Now, this next part is a little tricky:

If you already have the no-rent key from this zone on hand you do NOT need to do the next few sections. I'm going to assume you do not have it.

As you move up the next hill area you'll come to a room with 2 buildings in it. just shy of this room there is a dead tree. Don't pass the tree yet. Set up about halfway up the hill and send 3 people to the tree. When 3 people get to the tree the room will spawn full of the Bealadnu.

These can be proximity agroed (with the exception of the mobs inside the buildings) for single pulls. These are snare & rootable but when they die a second one spawns where the first died. They have low HP, dont summon, and dont hit over 700. The mobs inside the buildings are nearly impossible to get single without a FD puller. just be ready to mez one.

When they are all dead, a named NON AGRO mob spawns in the middle. Dont attack him--just ignore him. This room is now safe.

Resume pulls to the next room.

The pulls in this next room are tricky particularly without a FD puller. It is possible for a class with harmony/pacify to pull this room but you have to be smart. About half the mobs are going to be harmonyable, but they are not necessarily the close or the far ones. you need to select your pull target carefully. harmony what you can, sometimes this means you're pulling from the back past mobs in the front. Once you have one side of the room clear, (I nearly always choose left) go left into the room and finish pulls. Remember that some of the mobs gate so if you can avoid pulling them out of the room, do so.

Check all the corpses--one of the corpses has the key for the final room. Make sure your puller has this key.

(This area doesnt spawn if you dont kill the ghosts in the belandu area. if you dont put more than 1 person through that area at a time you can save a good bit of time clearing these two areas but you'd get no key)

Once this room is clear it too is safe and does not respawn.

Beging clearing up the hill and you'll very shortly come to Ridbiki the Riddler.

Tell him you're ready and he'll drop about 15 bags on the ground. Each bag contains a differnt item. He asks you a single riddle. Give him the item that is the answer to the riddle. Get the answer right and the door unlocks behind him. Get it wrong and he drops a bunch of pookas on your head. The riddles are easy enough I'm not even going to post the answers.

The room beyond the riddler is safe. rest up and reprep--you're 90% of the way there--this is where it usually falls apart.

Now you're going to pull the last little bit to the final room. The door to the final room is the key you got prior to the Riddler. Generally I like to have the key on the puller but it can be a problem keeping the door open as you select your targets.

The final room does NOT respawn except for a single Kyv that runs back and forth through the middle of the room. Again you have to selectivly pull. Harmony/Pacify or FD is required to pull here and if you can't FD you have to use a lot of care with which mobs you take from where (the nearest mob is not aways the best pull) The PATH to the final room from the safe room does respawn on the same timer as everything else. Dont blow it and err on the side of caution.

You should concentrate on pulling the right side of the zone. Ignore the left side, you're not even going to deal with it.

There are 2 mobs inside the building on the right (an Ikaav and a Ukun) This is the hardest pull, rangers may need bind sight to harmony the Ukun or just put your faith in your enchanter.

Once you've cleared all the mobs on the right side (Including the wandering Kyv), get everyone inside the room and positioned like this.

Kyv Heartstriker Jhiru is the boss of Tipt and is fairly badass. He hits for 1700+, has a short range AE rampage, procs the standard DD and will shred most tanks.

Here's the kicker: If you try to tank him using a warrior with Defensive or Stonewall the warrior drops off the hatelist and KHJ will simply slaughter your healers-- Reposte/Dodge/Avoidance/nimble etc disciplines DO work.

The mobs around him cast haste on him, and if he's pulled out of his room he doubles his power. You MUST fight him in his room.

The other part of this fight is timing and discipline and positioning. I have always done this with a ranger tank. Make SURE your pet is recently charmed, has full haste buffs and 2 1h weapons. if your fight goes much over 18 seconds you're done.

Set the ranger (or warrior) with the building's pillar about 5 steps to his 2 o'clock. Set the pet on the pillar or just past it. Everyone else starts behind the ranger. Ranger will load up Tangling Weeds, Flame Lick, their best Dispell (Annul magic and/or Nature's Balance if you have it)Ranger pretargets KHJ and hits their MELEE button (so you're attacking but OOR) Ranger will take a Heal over Time spell. (DI wouldn't hurt either) and as soon as the Heal over time spell lands the Ranger will cast Annul Magic and then Tangling weeds THEN hit weaponshield. The Enchanter should also cast Pilliage Enchantment at this same time. Once the Heartsriker is activly engaged on the ranger get the pet in the fight--make sure the pet is BEHIND KHJ or the parry/block/reposte and AE rampagge will cut your DPS too far to win.

This is all a matter of timing. You have to be right on the nose. As soon as the ranger is engaged (ranger should be chain casting Tangling Weeds/Flame lick to maintain agro) get KHJ tashed, slowed etc. Everyone goes full burn nuking and disciplining (Remeber get BEHIND him.)

He should die before 20 seconds are up. Loot up, and clear the rest of the way. (Just to the bridge and across)

Once you're across the bridge you will cut immediatly LEFT. Behind the rock there is your hail mob. Hail him, get a temp flag, and zone out.
#5 Sep 12 2005 at 9:31 PM Rating: Good
only need tipt for kt, no vxed/sewers
#6 Sep 13 2005 at 1:11 AM Rating: Decent
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ok to lazy to read everything but.
If you go the pet way this was how we did it.

We snared <pet to be> and knocked him down to 5% health and
then charmed.

As soon as the pet was about 13% health we would break charm knock it back down and resnare.
Did this for the whole run.

You do need a good tank though.
No right way or wrong way to do it as far as class make up. Does help to have a 2nd class that can rez though.

But the only real key to it seems when you are not in the static areas
-Crag momie
-Just after Riddler
No rest keep moving and killing - You only rest in the above 3 spots.
Do not stay in halls clear a area in the next Area and get out of the halls quick.

ps - If you do they pet at 5% thing - Do not let your tank who has finishing blow beat it down. We killed our pet just before we engaged the named =( one time.

And you do only need to get Tipt done to go into Ikk (Single group) KT and Yxtta.

Good luck to you Ikk Raids are some of the most fun.
Except Ikk 4 2nd to last mob he sucks.

EQ1 WoodElf Ranger Maelin Starpyre
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