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#1 Mar 21 2011 at 11:55 AM Rating: Decent
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after I have spent some hours reading, I still don't know which class to choose.

I have to say that the Enchanters, Illusionist and Coercer, are the most interesting classes to me. In general, I would only play a spell casting class.
Besides it is also very important, that I am more interested in PvP than PvE (I know that Everquest 2 is not the best choice for that).

(1) Is it correct that both Enchanters are mostly designed for controlling the enemies with their spells (CCs, Stun, ...)?
(2) Wouldn't this reveal that both Enchanters are a good choice in PvP? How effective are they really in PvP?

Another problem for me is choosing between Illusionist and Coercer.
(3) So far, I only know two differences between the classes: First of all, that they have different pets (Body double vs Charming) and secondly that an Illusionist seems to be more designed for supporting than a Coercer. Are these two information correct?
(4) How do the two classes differ in detail? I do not have any information about that yet. Some concrete spell comparisons might be useful as well here.
(5) Besides, I am wondering which of them is superior in PvP. This might be answered from knowing which of them has more controlling spells. Is there any difference and what else can be said about PvP differences of the two?
(6) Furthermore: What about their damage? I read conflictive information about this topic. Some say, Illusionists make more damage while other state that Coercers inflict more. What is correct?
(7) I also read that in general, both classes tend to conflict less damage than other comparatively classes. Is this true? How much do they really differ in damage from other classes (maybe concrete measurings)?

I also thought about the Sorcerers, Wizard and Warlock.
(8) I wonder whether they are appropriated for PvP. Are they and which of them is better than the other?
(9) Do they have any controlling spells? How effective are they?
(10) I heared that Wizards are more designed to make single target damage, while Wizards tend to inflict area of effect damage. Is this true? If yes, how string is the difference really? I mean, for example, does a Warlock really mainly get only area of effect spells?
(11) How do they differ in other respects?

Thank you very much in advance for answering my numerous questions; I am also glad for any part information.

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#2 Mar 25 2011 at 9:32 AM Rating: Decent
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For pvp it will depend on what tier your playing at on which is the stronger class not to mention gear and aa. If your going to lock in 30s as alot do for pvp then stronger classes tend to be warden, ranger, warlock, (actually all scout classes). Tho all of the classes can be very good depending on how you play. Coercers use to be very op in pvp but they were nerfed and now just a annoying squishy class, tho with the update they may be much better I just havent run into one yet. Illy on the other hand watch out for they can keep you lookin drunk and dumb then suddenly dead in the 90s. Your info on wizards and locks is not correct either locks in pvp are very op they have many nukes at higher tiered pvp and can have you dead before youve had a chance to do a thing. All this being said none of it matters tho in the end for pvp you dont want to pick a class bases on whats strongest you want to pick one you like playing the best cause your play style is what will make you good or not along with lots of aa and good gear. Check the pvp box when examining spells and gear so you can see what it does in pvp too. Just remember its what you like playing that will matter in the end. No class is so op that you cant be killed. Ask me my inquisitor is the best class for pvp to play, can dps, wear plate, and heal! throw reactives up and then kill your enemies (not to mention have more stuns than my scout does) So guess all Im sayin is pick a class you like to play and have fun with it. Dont be discouraged when you die ALOT at first cause you will. When your starting out your going against max gear and aa players who have been playing their class along time.
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