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Not Worried About TES:O

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Pawkeshup, Averter of the Apocalypse wrote:
That is wholesale bullsh*t. It's the same company, it's just a separate group formed within it for organizational purposes. They hired in more developers simply so that they could continue releasing single-player games while they have this other group more dedicated to managing the MMO itself. That's not exactly irregular to do, as they do want to continue to make other products.


an MMO is not the same as a single-player experience, and really needs a long, thorough beta test, and can require a release to be pushed back.

It is so obvious that you aren't following the game. That is fine, I don't expect everyone to, especially not people I meet on forums for other games. But you are talking out of your *** and acting like you are in the know. Zenimax knows that an MMO is a different beast. That is why they put an MMO developer in charge of the project. That is why he filled his team with people who have worked on MMOs.

Pawkeshup, Averter of the Apocalypse wrote:

- Bethesda games are awesome
- Bethesda sometimes should beta test a little more
- Bethesda shouldn't enter into MMOs with the same ideology as their single-player games
- ^-- This is likely what will kill TES:O because I don't see upper management magically changing overnight

Are we clear now?

No, because you continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over and over again.

Zenimax has been very transparent about the need to have people who have experience with MMOs behind their game and their reasoning behind using a completely new studio of such people solely for this particular game. They hired MMO developers from that segment of the industry to fill their jobs and are working to make the game an MMO. Everytime you find yourself mentally reaching for the word "Bethesda" you are falling prey to the hamster wheel you can't seem to break out of. Jobs were filled for this game. We aren't talking about random coders from Bethesda being relocated for an MMO. You already know and admitted this. Zenimax doesn't want to take people off the Bethesda team for this, those guys are already busy enough. We are talking about MMO developers who have had nothing to do with Bethesda or Zenimax before 2007 when ZOS was formed and the work for this game was started. The game has been in testing for YEARS and will likely be in testing another year before we see it.

Pawkeshup, Averter of the Apocalypse wrote:

Then please explain the countless glitches seen on the PC edition that still exist? You did not want to on the comments, so do it here. Why isn't the PC version some glorious, perfect entry? Why are there tons of glitches with it too? Is it because, as you said there, due to "overheating" or "scratched discs?"
As many of us are telling you, the game runs great for us on PC. This isn't some new amazing occurrence recently to grace consciousness. PCs have ALWAYS handled gaming better than consoles. People who game on PC typically don't build their rig from 8 year old hardware (and that is when it was "new"). Sorry to turn this into 'le pc gaming master race lawl' but stop expecting PC performance on a console, you won't get it. Least of all at the very end of said console's lifecycle.

And I'm not getting into it with you over your need to give all positive and negative credit to the publishers of these games. I'm not dignifying such misdirection with a response beyond simply this:
Great games aren't because publishers gave infinite money, not all bad games are because publishers rushed their developers to a deadline. Good or bad the development studio makes the game.

We've gone through most of this enough that anything else I could say is just a waste of bre.. typing. Feel free to put your head back in the sand when you are finished with your obligatory response, confident in the fact I will not bother tapping you on the shoulder again.

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