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First Impressions

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 12:04 PM Rating: Good
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Yeah, it's pretty much exactly like the system in WoW. Essentially, you turn old gear into a crafting material which allows you to enchant the new gear you just got with bonus stats. It may not be exact in name or procedure, but the end result is identical.

You got that one. I left WoW before they introduced the Jewelcrafting profession. I read up on it a bit just now and it seems to be somewhat similar. From what I read, it seems the primary difference is that the must be used in order to be broken down in Materia. Other than that, you're pretty much right on the systems having pretty similar functions.

And I can't even counter with, "I said games I have personally played, seen or read about." because I played WoW. Doh. Color me corrected.

Did you ever crafted in EQ2 ? I am sure EQ2 predates XIV....

I almost forgot about the EQ2 crafting system - Which one are you talking about? Before or after the change to it? In either case, they are not the same. Similar in the fact that there are abilities to use. But the way in which you interact with your craft is totally different. EQ2 was more like you were in combat with the **** craft (you could die from damage in version 1). I loved it. However, the XIV system is more about the crafter utilizing skills to directly affect the craft vs. having the RNG determine what gains you get based on your actions (again, much like combat). In XIV you can use actions to increase chances of success, crafting stats and then combo them to other actions that boost progress/quality/durability based on what YOU did. Elemental affinity, state and other factors come in to play that are controlled by RNG, but the crafting in XIV really is unlike any other game.
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