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I read this comment regarding FFXIV by someone.

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silverhope wrote:
DuoMaxwellxx wrote:

no i assume everyone who has MULTIPLE credit/debit cards have debt not everyone who has A credit/debit card. Plus I dont have a credit card to a) avoid dent and b) i dont like owing ppl money. The way I see it if I dont have the money for whatever i want to buy in my bank account then that just means Im not meant to have that item yet and it can wait

You miss read me i have about 5 cards all zero balance. Khols for there 30 % discount , old navy 15-30% discount, amex for costco and get money back and cheap gas. The point of credit is charge than pay it off I agree some people use it as "free" money but not everyone. the money I save using my cards to buy things i get normally has been ALOT over the years.

which is why i said i ASSUME everyone with multiple credit/debit card have debt, clearly in this case my assumption was incorrect. but 80% of teh time that assumption is spot on, Im sure you know that one even better than I do.

As fro the point of a credit card be to charge than pay it off.. yeah thats true except you pay it off at a higher rate... i.e something in a store that would cost me 30 bucks with cash or a debit card.. if i use a credit card and pay it back I my end up paying back 35 or 40 due to interest (or 31 even still im paying 1 dollar more than what cash or debit woulda cost me)... now why would I wanna do that?
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