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I read this comment regarding FFXIV by someone.

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 11:06 AM Rating: Default
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BartelX wrote:
DuoMaxwellxx wrote:
lol even if I wanted to go back to FFXI:

1) My ps2 is out of comission. My PS3 isnt backwards compatible and I refus eto game on PC

2) FFXI doesnt taske AMEX

3) I havent played since Halloween 2009 that means Id have 4 yeears of stuff too catch up on.. (like doing the last fight of moogle kupo detat which i never did... starting and finishing teh shanttoto dlc, finishing wotg (which ill admit I DO wanna see how that ends) plus teh new expansion... not to mention ganing 24 more levels on AL of my 30 level 75 jobs and RE pimping them out

I'm so baffled by this... you like ffxi more, you admit that there is a TON of stuff to do in the game, yet you don't go back? Your AMEX issue is ridiculous. Open a bank account, get a prepaid visa card, call up customer service and see what options you have. Refusing to game on a PC is just as ridiculous. The graphics are better, the gameplay is smoother, you can actually make the game look even BETTER with windower, and you can still use a controller. There is no downside.

And seriously, your third point isn't even a point. It's you somehow complaining that you have lots of content to do. Which is also pretty ridiculous.

DuoMaxwellxx wrote:
Also I like FXIV and never said it was utter garbage (but I do/did like FFXI more) unlike those who really DO have an FFXI hardon would "eww FFXIV sucks and is just a WoW clone for casuals with FF title on it" like the real FFXI "fanboys" would say. But yeah lets exaggerate shall we.. I name ONE aspect of FXIV I dont like and it makes me teh bad guy? Yup it seems one of us indeed DOES have a hardon for a game and from teh looks of it that person isnt me.

Oh please, 90% of your posts have some longing, wistful comparison to ffxi and you talking about how awesome it was and how much you miss it and wish FFXIV was FFXI-2. That's not an exaggeration, that's just how you post. Also, you named a part of FFXIV that you had no knowledge of, then ******* and moaned about something that you couldn't even comprehend... hence why I called you out on it. Personally, I do love FFXIV. I have some issues with it, like not being able to send or receive tells in duty, combat is still a bit sluggish (at low levels at least), I wish the controller UI could be changed to a hotbar instead of the crossbar, among other small gripes... but on the whole I think it's great. I also thought FFXI was great back when I played it. I also thought lotro was great when I played it. See what I'm getting at here?

Edited, Jun 25th 2013 8:49am by BartelX

yeah because graphics really matter.. if i cared about how much better something looked on pc I wouldnt be able to stomach playing 1980 and 1990 games.. and guess what game I just beat about a few weeks ago and which one Im currently playing now? final fantasy 1 and final fantasy 2.... those games look like utter barf compared to anything thats out on PS3, 2 or even 1 yet Im playing the,.. soo clearly how much "cuter" a game looks on PC is of mno concern too me.. Im not a graphics *****.. Otherwise FFXIV would be the best MMO known to man

Also heres a downside.. playing on a 17in monitor with built in speakers sound WAY better than playing on a 50+ inch tv with surround sound... yup... definitely..

As for your comment about lotro and ffxi.. well some of us dont stop liking a game we liked just because it got "old".. as Ive just proven with teh fact that Im playing FF1 and 2... heck I can still play and like metal gear solid 1 despite EVERY other game in teh series being better and more superior than it it every way shape AND form (except maybe story)

Lastly as for hos much there is to do in FFXI by my own admission. Well some of us like leading the pack not being teh one straggling behind.. hence me having CoP missions completed as they came out within 24 hours of their release. Id be WAY behind in FFXI.. and was it not you who made a comment regarding how hard it is in FFXI to get ppl to redo old content? though Im sure I could just hit 99 and solo most of it but if I were to do that. wouldnt this wholl discussion about soloing story stuff in FFXIV being "bad" make me look like a hypocrite if I were to go on FFXI and do the very thing I claim to not like/be against?

Though Ill admit all my irl friend who still play FFXI ask me daily when Im coming back.. but I say Im not and try to convert them to FFXIV instead but the dont wanna touch it because it "sucks" because when it first launched it bombed horribly and got horrid reviews so they assume its still like that/gonna be that way (even though it had gotten much better than that even before they shut teh servers down for ARR) when ARR comes out....

which just goes to show SE kinda ruined there rep since anyone who was turned off by FFXIV/didnt like it before isnt gonna like/be interested in it now despite what SE does to fix it even if its a completely different new game and a huge turn around from before everyone afraid to touch it because of teh stigmata it carried before. So really the only ppl SE are getting with ARR are those who played teh beta and liked it, those who never seen teh reviews/know of its old rep, or those who dont let reviews/judgement sway their opinion (and how many ppl this gen fall under that last category? not awhole lot) i know about 2000 people in real life who will call a game "sucky" or "crap" that they them,selves have never PLAYED just because they read a review that said it was.

a review is an opinion not a fact (good luck convincing anyone else of that) Ive read plenty fo bad reviews for game that I myself liked (tron evolution on ps3 and white knight chronicles 1 and 2 for example) but anyway point being because of that FFXIV and SE have already alienated 50% of the ppl that were interested in teh game back when it was very first announced in 2009.

So yeah while there re things i dont like about ARR its far from horrible.. and is definitely not the worst mmo ive played.. I can name games far worse (dc universe online, free realms and just about every one of those free to play korean mmos that have made it stateside) But just like FFXI before it FFXIV has one thing going for it... I dont game on PC and it doenst have a whole lotta competition in the console market so it wins by default.. i mean what other MMOs are on PS3? besides the two I just named, theres also dust (terrible) planetside 2 (terrible) and Defiance (ok but runs outta content FAST) and elder scrolls online hitting ps4 next year but that game LOOKS terrible (but i intend to play it and fid out whether or not it is terrible myself.. but until then FFXIV it is)

Same with FFXI and PS2... I could name games on PC back then that were probably just as good if not better (guild wars and everquest 1 and 2 for example) but i dont play on pc and PS2s only option were FFXI and everquest online adventures (which was terrible) plus FFXI had one thing many mmos dont have (and many STILL dont have) a storyline.. that is expansive enough that it feels like playing a single player RPG with co op play thrown in... if it werent for the storylines the FF MMOs have (unlike the crap teh small few other MMOs try to pass off as story) I wouldnt have touched either of them either.

But everytime I played an FF game I always thought "you know how cool it would be if the ppl in my party were actually controlled by other ppl or some of the random battles I got into were fights against other people" even in games in teh FF series that allowed it I set some party members to use with the other control so if friend were over they could play with me. Well FFXI made that dream come true.. whereas FFXIV (to me) is throwing most of that dream away by having most of its story content solo... and well... If I wanted to solo there are MUCH better SINGLE PLAYER games out there to choose from.
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