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Not Worried About TES:O

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 9:22 AM Rating: Decent
decoyninja wrote:
Skyrim wasn't a terribly glitchy game. It was a game that had varied performance depending the machine running it sure, you can say it wasn't well optimized for some machines, but it hasn't been an issue for most gamers I feel. Maybe that is my experience as a PC gamer as my hardware is way above that of an Xbox360 and I know the PC version got performance updates very frequently. If I had to guess your machine is just running hot and is struggling with the graphics, but who knows.

First, TES:O is going to be on consoles.

Second, you are going to tell me that Skyrim wasn't buggy as ****??

decoyninja wrote:
Anyway your comparison is like my saying XIV:ARR will be buggy because back in VI by character sprites kept disappearing when running around snowy areas.
TESO isn't even being worked on by the same developers as Skyrim was. ****, it isn't even the same studio. "They" are not making an MMO, Bethesda has nothing to do with TESO.'

Go back to the wiki link above, ZeniMax/Bethesda are making the game. It's not like they went out, found a better company, and had them make it. Same company, likely same product.

decoyninja wrote:
I also wish people would stop using the word "fail" to describe a game. It is a meaningless statement. The game will obviously sell well and have its fanbase so it won't fail in a business sense. I hear the word "fail" tossed around as an insult to a game way too often. Take SWOTR for example. The game saw a massive decrease in activity after its first month and was largely labeled a failure. It is the second most subbed for MMO on the market at the moment with over half a million subscribers though. That is with an optional subscription plan. It had bugs galore, especially in relation to PvP and raiding. They chased me away. I would never call the game a failure though. EVE has been around for a long LONG time and is only recently nipping at the game's heels in subscriber totals.

If TESO "fails" to attract you that is something different entirely. You should start looking for a different way to express that opinion than joining the brain-numbed throng of internet children who use the word "fail" to describe their prediction how well some new game title will be received by the masses.

Um, an MMO can fail, you understand the definition of failure, correct? As in it fails to meet with expectations, fails to remain profitable, fails to capture an audience, fails to remain online...

I mean, a lot of MMOs have failed. Tabula Rasa comes to mind. Warhammer Online as well. Basically, to get you to understand the term "fail" in the sense of how I was using it: An MMO is supposed to draw a large crowd of people and remain online for a decent length of time. If the game does not do this, it fails to fulfill its actual goal. So, therefore, if they make a game as badly glitchy as every single other title this company has ever made, no gamer is going to stay longer than maybe the first month or so. So, therefore, the MMO will die off and the servers will be shut down.

In your post, you said that SW:TOR was considered, by some, a failure. I would not say that about the game, mainly because you can still go online and play it right now. It might not meet with expectations, it might not be the WoW killer the market pundits expected it to be, but it's far from a failure. My using the term "fail" is that I feel that if the game has as many crushing glitches as the entire library available from Bethesda/ZeniMax, it will fail to even hold gamers past a month or more. It will likely sell well enough, but it will not meet with the expectations of even its producing company, and will fold up, and go offline. Hence, failing to be a persistent MMO, and joining the ranks of the cancelled MMOs.

IMFW wrote:
Pawkeshup, Averter of the Apocalypse wrote:
Didn't read your comments. Don't have to. It will fail. Why?

That's why. A game series that is well known for game-breaking glitches... making an MMO. It's just stupid.

I laughed way to hard at that video, his excitement really carried me threw the video lol.

edit, looks like you uploaded it, great video man!

Why thank you! I scrambled to find my capture card when this happened. I'm glad it still had enough life left to get it.
Olorinus the Ludicrous wrote:
The idea of old school is way more interesting than the reality
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