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Message from Yoshi-P on battle system adjustments

#1 Jun 25 2013 at 7:34 AM Rating: Good
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Aasher wrote:
After a long time playing FFXI, which I loved dearly, I wasn't particularly surprised at the end result of their next-generation MMORPG; FFXIV 1.0. It was certain things -- like not being able to jump, like Gridania's exterior being designed like an actual grid -- that really spoke poorly of S-E's approach to the game. Being familiar with the company from years and years spent playing FFXI, and how inflexible they were about certain things, I could see where XIV was headed and I gladly cast off the franchise with the opinion that they got what they deserved.

Fast forward to 2013 and somehow Square has accomplished a miracle; they have regained my trust and my interest (for this game, at least). Reading posts like this, they are saying exactly what I wanted/needed to hear and, as such, have made me a pre-ordering customer.

In particular, coming from other games like Guild Wars 2, I couldn't help but notice that I was playing a single-player game in an online world. GW2 has its fun parts, but at one point it donned on me that I was very near to the level cap after only a short period of time...and not once had the game guided me into meaningful interaction with other players. I had my complaints about FFXI, but the one thing that kept me playing for as long as I did was the community.

I am very glad to see that they are focusing on community building, on immersion, and on the sense of accomplishment that comes from difficulty and strategy.

This is so true... So true.

If you only play by yourself at all times, what is there to keep you playing? It becomes like a single player game, where at best you play for a few months.

Add the community to the equation and all of a sudden you're excited to get online and interact with others, especially the friends you've made! The MMO producers that understand this point are the ones who at minimum create loyal fan bases... a la XI. It certainly never had the biggest community in the world, but those who played it tended to stick around for a long time. Hence, the most profitable FF ever.

I think Yoshi understands this, and I really believe this game offers the perfect mixture of casual play with the hardcore... I know this game is going to achieve great things.


I probably understood about 1/10th of what was discussed in this thread and I'm sober as a rope. (I don't know if that's actually a saying or not). -Kierk
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