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EG point system or other?

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I think a lot of people are still looking at this with FFXI tinted glasses. In FFXI yes, you would spend hours/days slogging through 18+ man farming just to prepare for a boss encounter at a later date. I'm finally starting to understand why a point system was needed for these events. Those people that go to every farming run for hours on end deserve just as much, if not more of a chance at loot than those that just go to boss runs. However, FFXIV is not supposed to be nearly as grindy as FFXI was, and I am assuming that loot is going to be tossed at us on a consistent basis. Groups will be much smaller and there will be no more "farm for a week for 10 pops and only get 1 drop". A point system most likely won't be necessary in the vast majority of circumstances and would probably be detrimental to LS/Company growth if not altered properly for the game.

This is just my opinion though, and I'm sure point systems will be quite widespread. I've been thinking of a system I might use if I were in the position to do so.

Main spec VS Off Spec (Need/Greed) Declare what job you are rolling for before we start (make sure everyone is informed and OK with selections...the job you come as better be properly geared as well)

If multiple people share the same loot table, whomever gets the first piece is moved down to "greed main spec" level in priority until everyone in that table has gotten something Edit: this might be an issue depending on exactly how much loot/how many bosses end game content is going to have.. and how many times it can be completed in a certain time frame.

Anything not rolled on for a "main" can then be rolled on for off specs by anyone.

Depending on how well everyone knows and trusts one another there are several extra steps that can be implemented. For instance, if someone only needs one specific item in your group you could let others know that and possibly give priority to them at the cost of them being unable to roll on anything that anyone else wants. If more than one person chooses to go this route, then they will still have to roll against each other for it.

You could also go further and define what an "Off Spec" is. I have heard many tales of people in FFXI getting loot for jobs they have at level 1, and this could be remedied by giving priority to those that have the job at a certain level. Also, if someone has to frequently come as a couple different jobs this could also be taken into account.

I feel this system would work well in a medium sized group that all know each other quite well. It might be harder to keep track of in a larger group, but I still feel it breeds friendship and camaraderie. It's just an idea of mine though. Who knows, maybe I'll start my own LS/Company and implement something similar that members can agree upon.

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