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EG point system or other?

#1 May 06 2013 at 9:24 AM Rating: Decent
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Ostia wrote:
Valeforelacky wrote:
Ostia wrote:
Player points are the worst thing that can happen to a guild/LS, they always bring drama, and abuse, the game fixes this issue on itself, with need/greed/pass, if you need it roll for it, and let the RNG gods deal with it, no drama, no cheating, no abuse, you can also add a "Cannot roll for 2 weeks if you are new rule" or a "Can only roll for active job/class" etc etc.

There is only one inherrent problem with using that system though Ostia. While some won't care others will. There is always that one person that no matter how many times they roll or are rolled against roll super high ALWAYS. And people like me who every mmo I've played never ever roll high. (lmao) Yes eventually I'd get the loot I'd need but only after everyone else that needed it beat me. There's nothing more annoying to people than showing up ever night and always walking away empty handed because that one person in the guild wins everything. That ultimately causes just as much drama. If it's a pug yeah sure that's a great system to use. If you are in a guild or otherwise the loot needs to be distributedly evenly. While I personally am not all about loot. I'm also not joining a "raiding" group just to gear others up until I "luck" out with a good roll.

Considering that all gear is going to drop from not one raid (My guess is that they will be divided between crystal tower and laberynth) you can set a 2 items cap per player, per raid event, once the player who always rolls high, gets his 2 items per event, everybody else gets a shot, also considering that there are no longer 40+ player raids, and it will be 12-14-16 player raids, there is really no need to have 4 archers, 4 lancers, 4 warriors etc etc, which brings down the competition for gear.

Need/greed/pass works, better than the other systems, the other systems are there to be abused and cheated, NGP is cold hard numbers, you win or you lose based on your luck, how it should be.

We'll have to agree to disagree then. MMO's and raiding by nature is luck based due to the fact what drops is never a sure thing generally speaking. In a organized group it should not also add a dimension of "luck" if you get anything from it as well. Obviously you don't raid much due to any successful guild knows loot has to be spread around so everyones performance in general increases to move on to higher content. Not so much the case with FFXI due to the nature of how its end game worked and it just being a series of kiting or throw blm's at it. But since XIV is taking a more dare I say WoW approach of having tiers of difficulty and gear checks your style of gear gathering will never fly thankfully. lol
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