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will PS3 version get delayed?

#1 Mar 14 2013 at 11:59 PM Rating: Sub-Default
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You're asking someone who thinks item durability repair/breaking systems are completely stupid to begin with, but yes I'm not sure where they were going with that.

as for the Auction House, yes I was talking about FFXIV before the servers went down.

yes there was a search function added at some point but it still wasn't as proper/streamlined as an AH, not by a longshot, and you still had to walk through those creepy bazaar NPCs.

again it's not even really one of my huge gripes but it's more like Callinon was saying. how did they mess that one up? besides local/nation divided AHs not working so well later in the game's life, the FFXI AH seemed pretty much perfect to me.

who thought having no AH and sorting through a bunch of NPC bazaars in a bazaar room was a fun idea?

maybe the creator of this game was just going senile

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