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New Players and Server Balance

#1 Feb 13 2013 at 3:56 AM Rating: Decent
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Nashred wrote:
I am not sure how I feel completely about the separation of new vs legacy players.I know most legacy players wont agree with this but if this is a totally new game like they say I think everyone should be at the same level. Give the legacy players something special though that other players cant get but reset all stats. I know allot of people that don't want to come to game where they are several years behind already. They need new blood and that is one way to get it. They don't need another reason to stay away. Be nice to have some legacy people on all servers to help new players out some. I complete understand about the economies and keeping them separate. I believe this will be lifted right away anyway and servers will be open to all players.

While it will play differently, and probably feel different, this isn't a "totally new game". And frankly, you would be hard pressed to make legacy players actually return to FFXIV if you were to take away everything they worked hard in the past 2 years, not to mention they have to completely restart.

Besides, having separate new and legacy servers already remedies the fairness issue. Aside from more inherent knowledge, no one will have an unfair advantage over others on either servers. As someone who will be starting on a brand new US server, I prefer it that way. I look forward to working hard on completing quests with random strangers. And if FFXI was any indication, there will probably be storyline missions and so forth that will force me to find other players. I personally cannot wait.

Bikakuga wrote:
From an incentive standpoint I think that the grafted gear thing would hold the most weight for a new player starting on a legacy server. I remember starting 1.0 at release and there was people wearing starting gear and weapons on jobs till people were able to craft something higher. There was nothing out there, and if someone could craft rank30 + they charged out the wazoo for it.

Just remember that v2.0 will introduce loads of quests to the game, which are supposed to help you level up a class all the way. Just like every other game, these quests reward you with XP, money, and possibly loot. I don't think finding 'okay' gear will be nearly as difficult as it used to be. I'm sure the quest rewards won't be amazing, and you can probably get better crafted gear, but we won't be so reliant on crafters due to gear scarcity. There's also Guildleves as well, which sometimes reward gear as well.
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