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Old FFXI player questions about FFXIV.

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Ishihara wrote:
Or they could be grown ups with 3 kids trying to spend a few hours a week doing something they used to love but don't have the time like they used to have. That's me anyway.

That's why there's games like WoW though.

I have job, still in school, all the social life I want, get along well w/ the opposite ***, I do fine. I don't have children yet, lol but my children will most likely be playing w/e I am. This could sorta lead into another subject though.

Come tell me about that after you have your first baby, I think you'll find reality doesn't match expectations Smiley: smile

Also I tried WoW, and I hated it.

I refuse to believe there isn't a way to let someone who wants to solo their way through the game (or party only rarely), and still have content for more dedicated gamers. I don't care if it takes me 6 months to cap a char (or longer), but make it possible. That's why I'm fine with levequests and other mechanics. You're limited to what you can do with them (there are allowances you get back after so much time), so those who want to go ahead and romp through the countryside grinding on mobs should still have that aspect where people like me can just log on, do some leves or quests, then log off when our time's up and still make some progress.
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