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Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 Leveling methods ?

#1 Jan 28 2013 at 1:17 AM Rating: Excellent
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I see. So you're looking for a game that is essentially FFXI from 8 years ago?

Unfortunately I don't think you're going to be able to find that game. And no new game is going to look like that, for one very simple reason.. it won't sell.

I hate to be blunt about that, but it's the truth. That game wouldn't sell enough in today's market to sustain itself. FFXIV only survived as long as it did because SE decided they could give it another go, which was a super SUPER risky decision for them as far as financial investment.

As to your other points..

I just think square enix had something no other mmo had with xi

I'm not really sure that's true. SE had the Final Fantasy name, but the MMO mechanics they were using were normal enough by the standards of the time. Remember that at that time, their major competition and example was Everquest, a game based largely on the text-based MUDs that came before it. FFXI easily adapted some concepts from Everquest and improved some others. If they followed that same formula again it wouldn't work, because Everquest is no longer the example they have to work from.

make a stand, just like they did with xi

You're implying here that the status quo needs to be protested. To a certain extent that's true. Making a clone of whatever successful MMO happens to be the standard of the time isn't a good idea and has really never worked. You have to improve upon design and implement fun and engaging gameplay so that people will actually want to play your game over the competition. The field looks VERY different than it did back in 2002. MMOs are no longer a niche genre, and it's much harder to find a place to fit a new product that isn't already sufficiently covered by existing offerings. In this case, the Final Fantasy name might be exactly what's needed, additionally the focus on console support helps shape a niche for SE to fill. But they can't ignore what's happened in the last 11 years. They tried that once and managed to launch the most spectacular failure in all of modern MMO gaming to date.

I'm sorry if you're looking for a game from nearly a decade ago. When it comes to MMOs, you generally just can't have that. And it is kind of sad that you can't since it's pretty much the only genre of game where that's the case.

Btw, critics of the time weren't bashing FFXI for its uniqueness. They bashed it because they didn't understand wtf it was. Most professional reviewers were aware of Everquest (in that, they knew it existed), but MMOs weren't really a genre then, and so they didn't really know how to judge it.

Also lolAdamSessler
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