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Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 Leveling methods ?

#1 Jan 16 2013 at 10:33 PM Rating: Decent
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Yoshi said that they were planning on adding 200 quests per update.

IMO, a decision such as this to replace, exp parties is well, stupid, why go through the trouble, then many of the quests could suck, repetitive, possibly broken, etc... as opposed to making great zones as well as more zones to find a good pt, chat and xp all night, while listening to Jrock!

@ Deron, True. i would prefer grinding, Just for the sake of interaction with other people really. Wouldn't mind to solo every now and then but i don't want it to become like most mmo's where you basicly just run solo through level 1->cap and do dungeons with others.

I agree with this, hope we have more of you out there!

Just make these levequests not require back and forth travel just for the sake of it like standard quests. More kicking ***/less traveling versus more traveling/less *** kicking. Dynamis style traversing with the time extensions and NMs marked on the map, hmmm.

I disagree and hope this doesn't happen, can we do that? I actually liked the travel, riding chocobos, and hoped for another form of transportation like a personal airship, it could be done, I actually thought, or hoped these... Pic1 Pic2
would be the airships, not to large, since there would be many in the skies, and make them something you have to earn, like the equivalent of a matts cap, that would be nice, then you would have status... a rare useful item, fun, and what ever else you can think of

How about some journey leves? Leves spanning hundreds of hours. Traversing a gigantic desert or snowfield with lost ruins hidden somewhere in these vast areas. The area and time to complete the journey being so long. That beating the leve in one sitting is not applicable. There will be save nodes with ayetherites inside camps or oasises. I play three hours, stumble upon a save area. Warp back to a city. I grab my friends the next real life day at a time good for all of us. We warp back to our last save node and continue the journey for that day. After a week or two, we finally reach our destination. These journeys could have a rare type of loot only found in these areas. What kind of stories would I have to tell in my journal on lodestone?

This seems fun, as im up for things that keep that ffxi niche of things taking time,effort,strategy,planning,socializing to earn.

I think the problem will be quests will only be the most efficient for leveling your first few jobs. I really can't see there being enough XP for each level and each job. Even with job only content there would have to be multiple at major gains. Which means the more "advanced" players may move on from quests to leves or grinding. And assuming quests are solo it may not as fun as a party.

This is why finding a party and grinding should remain in the game, I wouldn't mind doing some quests to finish a level or gain a significant amount of xp to change the pace or get into a good story(I hope story will continue to be implemented, even those small quests that only build town npc background char, loved those), but I hope we still will be able to get to max level in *cough/ahem* traditional*ffxi* style xping.

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