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Instanced Dungeon Que System

#1 Jan 10 2013 at 7:12 PM Rating: Default
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I have to admit, I mostly clicked on this link to say something pessimistic after reading the title. Then I read your idea, and that actually sounds brilliant!

I love the idea of the dungeon queing up your player and throwing you into a group... It actually solves numerous problems that people take issue with, with regards to the grouping system.

~With regards to the complains that everyone will just stay in the main hub... this could be solves by required you to physically be at the location of the dungeon. No different than doing a CoP quest for instance.

@Kachi -- Your posts are a joy to read. They are always intelligent, well spoken, and thought provoking. Someone like you (and several others on this board) should be on the team at a game development company.

SmashingtonWho wrote:
The system where you put in your desired role and que, then keep playing until you get a message saying "Your party has been filled. Would you like to teleport to the dungeon?"

Sure, let me park my character somewhere safe and go do some group content. Then, a fun instanced dungeon run insues. At the end, it plops you back out wherever you were and you continue questing, crafting etc.

You know what's better than Level Sync? Just drop your level to any level you have previously attained and the game automatically levels your gear down and nerfs your abilites by some % (although they are all still available).

Ok, ok, not all MMO's have to be the same. But the best parts, that allow players to play with RL friends at any level, and casuals to access group content with very little time, are just way to good to leave out.

EDIT: See below for Xioe's link to the thread where Yoshi-P discusses the proposed Content Finder for FFXIV.

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