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#1 Jul 28 2012 at 12:04 AM Rating: Decent
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Hello guys, been a long time since last post that i forgot i had an account in zam.
1st, my main is not english so please bare with me in that matter, saw some ppl making fun of those who type/write bad english in this forums.
Well the reason of my post is:
As many of you i pourchased the collection edition in 2010, thing that was very expensive to me because I had to pay like $200 to buy the game and get it to my country, played a few and stopped when CEO decided to charge us. we all know this game had a very bad launch and the game didn't get better for a long time but that is not why I am here now.

As a player I have very few mmos in my curriculum, FFXI (9 years and the reason why I learnt some english), WoW like half year, some Rift, and others korean games. But recently I played Guild Wars 2 beta, **** that game anounced all that I expected from FFXIV, played it for 3 days, joined a guild of my current languaje before the beta and must say... i didn't enjoy it. Dont get me wrong, the game was pretty cool, while I was running i meet an event after event and before I realise I was lvl 10 already in my 1st night, after some missions I got armor and weapons as reward, saw some cool boss and the VA was acceptable, but I really didn't enjoy it, got fun yeah but after I turn the game off I felt empty or so. Was thinking why and found some reasons like:
  • The WoW camera.
  • The WASD controls, later I customize it like FFXI / FFXIV and felt better and smoother to me.
  • The jump spam, not others but me... I found myself running and jumping for nothing just of boring. I hate myself for that.
  • The event system didn't let me to take my pace to look and discover, talk to npcs and that stuff that i really enjoy en ff games, it was more like: what another event again??? need to pee...
  • The worst thing was that nobody types in chats menu, everything was teamspeak and raidcall. I didn't like it, missed to scroll up and check what others said, but now i have: hmmm who said this? can you repeat please?
  • The fights were very fast, i really didn't know if I was playing good my profession or the mobs were just weak.
  • etc etc...

  • Then I got an email from FFXIV youtube channel and saw the new trailer, decided to check more and saw this Legacy thing, I for the first time since SE started to charge us I paid my fee hoping to get the chocbo mount and to let know SE that there is still ppl that wants this game be succesful, please please SE don't desapoint me again.

    I know we got very cool CGI movies before v1.0, and I know that those v2.0 screenshots may be not what we hope for but to dream costs a few this time ($9.99/month) at least to me, I know that ppl will react to new game and say, is this what you did in 2 years? well when I logged back after many months I had the felling that ffxiv is where I belong more than guild wars 2 or another current mmo, though I don't plan to play it much since my time is very short 'cause work and family and the game still needs alot of change to make me feel again those all feelings I got in FFXI, I know that that may not possible but I just want a fraction of those old times like when I arrived first time in Dunes and make your 1st real party, when you unlocked /subjob, when you completed mission 5, or the advanced jobs, etc etc, well all that sh*t that make u feel pretty cool in game and in real life, I still remember I got that stupid smile in my face for a week in office because I got access to Sky last sunday Smiley: grin

    Just hope that new graphics engine will run game better than actual, every patch just made my game slower, now I had to set most graphic options to standard, the game still look beautiful and better than other currents mmos though. And please... fix that windowed mode. Something that I liked is that when i went to FFXIV youtube chanel 156k ppl watched it Smiley: smile so there is still hope to alot people in game for version 2.0.
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