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With the upcoming patches there has been an increase in the ammount of people looking to know what they can expect of thegame in the next few patches, as such I though to have a place where everyone can find most (if not all) upcoming changes to the game, if you find something that I might have missed please let me know and I'll update this thread.

Patch 1.18 Notes (21/07/11)
Patch 1.18a Notes (08/08/11)
Patch 1.18b Notes (11/08/11)
Patch 1.19 Notes (30/09/11)
Patch 1.19a Notes (13/10/11)

Patch 1.20 (Early December 2011)

(Planed) Overview of Patch 1.20 Letter from the Producer, XVII (09/01/2011)

Class Reform.
Improving markets: Purchase directly from the item search feature.
Caravan escort will pave the way for the upcoming hamlet defense content.
Food Efect Revamp 1.20+
Allocating attribute points to each class. 1.20+

Improvement of the Looking for Party Feature
Malevolent Moogle (Primal) battle.
Improvements to Gathering Mini-Game Up to 2.0
Changes to Gear Dyeing.
Changes to Repair.
Changes to /battletargetmode and /assist command.
Changes to PrimalBattle Loot.

Patch 1.21 (Early February 2012)

Improvement of LS controls.

Creation of Private Rooms (Inns, etc.).
Hamlet defense PvE content .
Personal chocobo gear .
Two new instanced raids.
Release of Jobs: Paladin, White Mage, Black Mage, Dragoon, Monk, Bard and Warrior.

Patch 1.22 (Mid april 2012)

Garuda Primal Battle.

Garlean Empire battle content.

Patch 1.23 (Mid July 2012)

Garlean Empire Legatus battle.
Content surrounding the Twelve mythos.

Patch 2.0 (Oct 2012)

World map revamp confirmation.
Rebuild: Graphics Engine.
Rebuild: UI System Reboot + 'Add-on' support.
Inclusion of male
MiQuote and female Roegadyn along with PS3 realese.

Release of a delivery system and mail system for version 2.0.

Unkown Patch Information

Implementation of character's housing.
Inclusion of gardens in player housing.
Housing Individualization by using construction materials created by DoH.
Personal Garden to be used to Raise Chocobos.
Building boats and airships on housing undergrouds.
Elder Primal Odin (Battle.
Allowing third party to attach Materia on your equipment.
New original races post PS3 release.
Primal Summoning System.
Two PvP venues, Coliseum and Frontlines, to be released after version 2.0.
Jump Ability confirmation
Change to crafting facilities support.
Removal of accessory points limit.
Bonus EXP for Rested status.
Putting the /emote list in order.
Implementation of intra-city chat channel.
Inclusion of Map Markers

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