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I don't like WoWFollow

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I don't like RPGs without a compelling backstory, or in the case of WoW, one where I have to go to a website to learn about most of it instead of experiencing it in-game.

I don't like world PvP. I tried it. Oh, did I ever try it. I even leveled a character to the level cap on a PvP realm just to say that I did...and abandoned that character about a month afterward. I definitely didn't gain respect for the kinds of players who found it entertaining to cruise lowbie zones for hours upon hours killing every opposing faction player in sight. I just didn't understand the entertainment value from a "healthy person" point of view. From a game mechanics point of view, it was no more entertaining than running around with a level capped character one-shotting trash mobs in a level 20-40 zone. I can do it from time to time...farming, sh*ts and giggles, whatever. Hours upon hours? Not so much. Not entertaining for me. I guess if you're the type of person readily entertained by the idea of having the power to inconvenience and irritate people who have little/no recourse, lowbie ganking could be fun. I'll leave those folks to WoW and wish them the best.

I don't like the visual themes in a lot of the WoW zones. There were some zones that I enjoyed a great deal. There were a lot of zones that I just found were "meh" at best, fugly at worst. I give full entitlement to any game developer (MMO or otherwise) to design a graphical theme for their game as they see fit. It didn't always work for me. It wasn't horrible per se, but I might have prefered something a little more...refined.

I don't like the idea that a game so "hollow" from a lore standpoint could garner such an enormous amount of success because they lucked out and glommed on to game mechanics that worked. What a **** shame that it wound up being a mainstream game aimed at the adolescent North American market that got so many things right and wrapped those basic concepts around a game that was ultimately such a disappointment.

I would have been so, so much happier in FFXI with the lore and visual appeal and everything else that made it such a great game if only it hadn't been built around a dated design philosophy that left the vast majority of my time in-game unproductive and ultimately not very entertaining. Instead, I got stuck with WoW if for no other reason than at least I could log on and go.

Here's to an innovative hybrid coming our way within the next year or so and yes, I'm happy that it won't be WoW.

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