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Tradeskills Ideas/Speculations Follow

#1 Jun 14 2009 at 2:18 AM Rating: Excellent
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With little to no concrete information about FF14 I'm curious about what may happen with tradeskills. Also I'm interested in finding out what others think about tradeskills in FF14. Also I've seen some people making comments about changes they wanted in other threads and wanted a place for their ideas to be better recognized at.

Fishing was always my favorite of the tradeskills in FF11, even if others found it to be boring. I found it to be even more enjoyable after they made the change over to the pull against the fish system. That being said, most of my ideas involve fishing.

FFXI already had a large array of fish species, but this always left me wanting more. With the new game I hope to see a lot of new fish. One idea I had while playing FF11 years ago was how neat it would be to have a personal boat that one could take out onto a body of water to fish with. With FF14 announced I've expanded on the idea. Imagine a sizable lake, maybe after reaching a certain fishing skill, completing a quest, renting it, or crafting a boat you could row out to deeper water to catch other fish not available in the shallows. Maybe row out to the deepest part and you may fish up something legendary.

It was said that FF14 was going to have more technology to the game environment. I think it would be cool if say a large city, equivalent to Jeuno, had an aquarium. At the start of the game this aquarium could have "just opened" and be looking for species of fish to be donated for rewards equal to the fishes rarity. A possible idea would to have plaques near tanks of rarer and legendary species stating who donated the largest of the species. Another quest I could see being added would be that if you donate 1 of all the non-legendary species you could be rewarded with a fishing pole similar in regards of the Lu Shang quest.

If mog houses make a return it would be nice if all legendary fish could be mounted with each having a unique model for that species.

In regards to other tradeskill an idea I had if they aren't going to have crystals be apart of item synthesis, you could play a small minigame to craft items. I haven't thought how this would work for all tradeskills but an example could be say woodworking. Have a small minigame where the objective is to cut a log into lumber. Say a single log could yeild 8 peices of lumber. If you took your time and did very well in the minigame you would create 7-8 peices of lumber and also be more likely to skill up or produce high quality results. Do decent and get a return of say 3-6 with an average chance to skill up. Do horrible and get less than 3 peices of lumber and less of a chance to skill up. Something I imagine with this type of system would be that not everyone would have the time or desire to play the minigame every time they wanted to craft so you could have a option to skip it. The way I'd see skipping a minigame working would be that more often than not you would end up with average results, but you could also still get below average and above average results from it as well.

So like I said, I'm interested in hearing your ideas and speculations in regards to tradeskills. Also I'd like to hear what you think of my ideas.
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