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Learning from WoWFollow

#1 Jun 03 2009 at 1:51 AM Rating: Good
Yes, 'darkrainkujata' had the post first but made the mistake of claiming the best idea was to make FFF a WoW clone and had his thread promptly nuked to ashes.

So here's a new one, similar idea: For people who have played WoW, what things have we learned? What things were great and what things would we never ever want to see?

To me, the main thing WoW really got right was instancing dungeons. FFF could take this a step further and make instanced world boss fights even. Sort of like using orbs put you in an arena, there could be areas of the world (where no monsters path through) where you go and click and are instanced into the boss fight. Maybe it would do something like put a translucent ring on the ground and if you run a certain distance out of that you have fleed and are taken out of the boss instance. It would be an upgrade from popping monsters that feasibly get stolen.

Bind on equip gear. Oh god, please no. I hate this so very much. I understand having some really rare items be ex but I *liked* being able to sell stuff I didn't want anymore. It made it an investment, not a consumable. Also as long as crafts can desynth items for materials, you're not going to flood the market.

Found recipes. One thing I did like about WoW better is that some recipes were really rare. Since some recipes were hard to get, they didn't have to take the left tonsil of tiamat every time for a powerful cloak or whatever to stay rare. I thought the fact that every synth in FFXI took a crystal was sort of contrived.

Ease: Something I've realized is that even though some things in FFXI are really frustrating, man you feel good once you finish them. WoW does hand you a lot of stuff. In some cases that's good, but its not for everything. What I've realized is that you need a healthy mix of both for players to find their level of challeng to try for. Too easy and everyone is bored (or too easy except that one exclusive raid that if you don't have a raid guild for, you just don't see), too hard and people are just annoyed, but even then that will hook some people.

Combat: I have to admit, I liked the fast paced combat for WoW better. : \ Its not even just the fast pace of actually doing stuff, but that it looks much cooler if your character is swinging a lot as compared to FFXI where so much of the battle is spent standing there. Even increasing the auto-swing timer x3 or so would have helped this. Looking cool is very important to a game!

PvP: PvP can be fun from time to time but people obsess over it and when things start being balanced over number crunching and PvP fairness, it really takes any real flavor out of the classes and abilities. Paladins have an ability for instance, called 'exorcism'. It used to do damage to undead and demons only. Ok, that makes sense, it's banishing them. But then they made it work on everything for balance purposes. Why am I exorcising deer? Is it a possessed deer? Then they made it work only on npcs and not on players or anything controlled by players, because... ? Well its because they had to balance it for PvP. Honestly I'd rather have absolutely no PvP at all than such a PvP focus for balancing everything that completely ignores the actual lore and flavor of the game. Ballista was ok, it was a limited entertaining event.

One more thing on PvP though, if people are able to change their jobs, its more ok that certain jobs just aren't good for PvP since people can change to a different job. Its like IRL, a lawyer isn't going to be nearly as good at hand to hand combat as a marine.

Anyways, those are some of mine! *stares back up at the mountain of text*
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