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#1 Sep 07 2008 at 9:02 PM Rating: Excellent
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From Warhammer Alliance:


So, while today has been incredibly stressful for our European brethren, I have lots of good news to share with all WAR fans. Here are the early results from the first day of our North American + Oceania Open Beta.

Incredibly stable game experience:
- 47K total users playing concurrently. We're not up to where DAoC was at peak yet but we're off to a good start eh? When Europe comes online we hope to shatter DAoC's numbers before we launch.

- 27 servers deployed and running smoothly. We have 23 servers in NA, 2 in OC and 2 more Test severs.

- Client CTD's are very low on average (lower than PW). However, some people seem to crash more often, primarily when exiting or entering scenarios but we're hot on the heels of this one.

- Zero, none, zilch Tier 1 region crashes since Open Beta started this morning at 7AM. No total server crashes either.

Lots of top reported issues already fixed with hot patches (no server reboot):
- PQ completion tuning. As always, tuning for now, subject to continued tuning.

- Loss of hot-bar abilities on leaving scenarios. Let us know if this still happens though.

- RvR equipment pricing, power and availability. Whoopsie. Well, something always goes unexpectedly wrong.

- Pet UI disappearing. Like we needed more pet issues? Luckily it has been resolved (we hope). Let us know if it happens again.

We've fixed several of the top reported issues and they will go in tomorrow morning's patch unless those **** Dwarfs start singing again:

- Continued improvements to monster "lagginess" when being hit by a ranged attack. Monsters will respond much more quickly to aggression. Ranged monsters won't constantly pause at odd times without attacking.

- Fixed an issue in seeing loot sparkles in RvR that were unlootable.

And thanks to everyone's help, we're hot on the heels of two more:

- Crashing when leaving scenarios.

- Unattackable monster states. Hopefully we'll get this one locked down soon, it really is a pain in the ****.

So, that's the quick update. Having almost 50K players in the game currently and no game crashes makes this quite a successful start to the Open Beta. We'll open more servers as necessary and continue looking at all the major issues. Please keep reporting bugs and answering surveys that's how we get some of our information.

As always, thanks for your patience and hopefully soon your patronage.

#2 Sep 08 2008 at 2:03 PM Rating: Good
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This game is WAYYYY ahead of the average state of an MMORPG at launch.

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#3 Sep 09 2008 at 12:28 AM Rating: Good
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Im really chuffed you guys have got it sorted over there, im thinking of getting the US version myself at this point. Im into my third day of waiting for beta access and its getting a bit tiring. I know of about 5 people that have gotten in so far. EU beta ftl.

Anyways, that is an impressive list of feats for a beta, anyone who tried AoC and got burnt would agree. Thats a lot of servers there, whats the server cap at the moment?
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