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A little rant

#1 Jun 26 2013 at 8:30 AM Rating: Good
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pocketsphat wrote:
It looks like in order to play FFXI you have to be a robot and follow the same goals everyone else follows. You need to have this gear, you need these levels at 99, etc. Im sorry but I'm not going to level all jobs to 99, nor do I have time. To be told by LS mates I'm useless or my job isn't used in a plasm run just angers me. I have a life OUTSIDE of this game and I dont have the time to be leveling jobs YOU want ME to level. Im sure most people didnt level jobs because they were told to, probably because they WANT to and they want to go 100% in this game. Well I'm a PAYING PLAYER, SE never said I have to level all these jobs in order to enjoy my game. If I want to be a WHM then I shouldnt be turned down, same goes with being a BST, or a SMN. All these jobs have some use to them, and to not be allowed to join a certain run in a game because I dont have a "useful" job level ****** me off..

Thoughts? Opinions?

As someone who played this game for many many years I am upset this is how you feel. I understand it is a rant, but as someone who **** heads with the norm for his entire playing career it is what you make of it. Early in my career I did the conforming thing, then realized I actually didn't enjoy playing how everyone else wanted me to play. For the next 5-6 years I played solely how I wanted to play, and if it meant that I would have to accomplish things alone or in small like minded groups so be it.

My adventures took me from Windurst, to Bastok, through the Sky and the Sea. Ive climbed the highest mountaints, crossed the smoothest plains, trudged through the densest jungles and explored the bottomless caves all across the land. Ive been from a forgotten Empire to one in dire need, I have been a hero across time, and through parallel universes, preventing catastrophic calamities from befalling the denizens of Vana Diel.

I never had the best gear, but I can tell you that there is way more to this game than gearing up. Unfortunate that you haven't had the opportunity to enjoy it yet. There is plenty of content for solo/low man stuff that allows for a large variety of job combinations and play styles. However if you want to attain the best gear, you need to conform to playing in an acceptable proven way.

And I will return one day to continue on my path, I am an adventurer of Vanadiel, and when the call for a hero arises, little Mageoholic will be on his way to the scene, alone, or with friends.

(and that call for adventure will be when Steam sells SOA for like 10 bucks cuz I aint paying 20 or w/e they want atm.)
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