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Matsui Responses Compilation thread

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Okipuit wrote:

I'd like to respond to a couple of questions and feedback that were brought up regarding the battle system adjustments.

Damage and Defense


Right now, without damage reduction gear I am still taking roughly 800 damage or so in Legion from single hits. Using Last Resort or Berserk without any damage reduction gear and we are talking about eating nearly 1500 damage. Even with 50% damage reduction, that's still 750 damage, making it quite difficult to use Last Resort or Berserk. I don't want you to increase the damage cap any more from what it is currently. However, I do agree with adjustments that simply make it so the damage you receive is decreased significantly when you increase your defense.

To briefly reiterate what was announced previously, we will be making adjustments so that:

- The maximum value of damage received is increased higher than what it is currently.
- It will be possible to reduce damage more than currently.

We've also seen quite a lot of comments mentioning that backline jobs as well as lightly armored jobs would be affected negatively from the aforementioned defense adjustments.

As a general direction on this issue, while the defense of heavy armor jobs and light armor jobs will not be the same, in order to prevent this from becoming too large of a disparity we will be making it so there will not be situations where a certain job is unable to rush in and attack.

As was suggested in feedback, we will be looking into various ways to do this such as increasing the amount of light armor with damage reduction or increasing the amount of evasion gear.

Hate Cap


Please make sure to deal with the hate cap issue properly. I'd really like to see adjustments that make it so the hate cap cannot be reached easily or adjustments that make tank jobs function better as tanks.

We plan on making adjustments to hate.

Producer Matsui will be explaining further details to provide insight on the current situation and how things will be changed. We also received the below message from him as well:

Akihiko Matsui wrote:

I'd like to take a moment to explain about the current calculation method as well, but I just need a little bit more time.

Regarding Weapons


I think that both one-handed and two-handed weapons need to be adjusted. Raising one-handed weapons up to the level of two-handed weapons is too simplistic of a solution, and comparatively the balance would be maintained through compensation via equipment.

Current situation:
Accuracy: One-handed weapons < Two-handed weapons
Damage: One-handed weapons < Two-handed weapons

Proposed adjustment:
Accuracy: One-handed weapons > Two-handed weapons
Damage: One-handed weapons < Two-handed weapons

Please understand that the adjustments that we are currently looking into for weapon adjustments are not the end. We would like to have each weapon have their own special traits, and the adjustments will take place step by step.

Finally, in regards to weapons that deal non-elemental damage, specifically the Twilight Scythe.

The below is a simple compilation of the opinions we've seen on the forums:

- Leaving it the way it is currently is fine
- It needs to be adjusted
- Leave the effect as it is and lower the damage value
- Change it to the same effect as Murasamemaru (WS are non-elemental damage)
- Increase the jobs that can equip it

Due to the fact that adding more jobs to this weapon doesn't lend itself very well as a solution, I'd like to remove this as one of the options; however, we would like to hear everyone's opinions for and against adjustments to Twilight Scythe. We would like to proceed carefully with this, but please keep in mind that just because one opinion is greater in volume does not mean that we will base our decision solely on that.

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