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Certain areas fps drop?

#1 Jan 23 2013 at 2:17 PM Rating: Default
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Viertel wrote:
zaravacher wrote:
Hiya running in windower not SE's all settings are fine i get 28-29 fps and thats also in partys im happy with that as ive tweak and tweaked pc to get it but im curious when i run by rosels armoury in sandy the fps spikes to 21 fps :/ then back to normal once passing it now so far its only happening here im just curious if aanyone else has this problem

Additional: occasionally i see white lines on my screen were the texture is joining i read somewere this is normal for a 8400gs nvdia card :/ dont ask me were.. ive forced vsynch on but doesnt take them away ANY advice would be greatly appreciated

29.4 is the maximum you're going to get with default game and/or default Windower. If you want higher, look more closely at the Windower site.

The game engine itself is horrifically coded so you're going to get framerate drops in areas with a lot of people, random areas post CoP, and just generally randomly period (bard songs HOOOOOOOOOOO). Secondly, turn off shadows completely or at least move it to the middle option (blob, or Shadows 1, or whatever it's called) and you'll see spikes smooth out they're poorly rendered and a massive drain on the system. Weird texture glitching aside (flickering Roc type monsters, etc.), the game barely uses your GPU and if you're getting spikes everywhere then take a look at what processor you're running.

Edited, Jan 23rd 2013 11:50am by Viertel

...Err no I've yet to get lag or slow in crowded areas or with weather on or bard songs. The only time I've EVER gotten those issues was when it was a driver issue. Example: Going near a Flux Crystal, lagged the LIVING sh*t out of me, updated GPU driver, bam back to steady 29-30fps. Even in Besieged or Campaign I never lagged as I know the difference between machine lag and network lag, Besieged suffered from network lag for the longest.

So while yes it's not completely hardware related, there are certain configurations that causes lag and FPS drops. Even though XI is an OLD game, check your drivers and certain display settings, there could be something that works for other games that isn't playing nice with XI, also check your processor (same reason.)

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