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Thinking of returning to FF11 but unsure.. please helpFollow

#1 Oct 30 2012 at 12:22 PM Rating: Default
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Hey i used to play on server Alexander in 2010. however that was 2 years ago and i know so much has changed since then. level cap was only 75 and now its like 99? idk, however i just feel like if i come back i would be so so far behind it would be impossible or close to impossible to catch up, because everyone is alot high if not capped by now.. that or so many camps or spawns have changed. i used to own a Dynamis and Sky linkshell and well i heard dynamis and sky have changed completely. i have like 9 75's last i think and so its alot if have to catch up on. is there still alot of activity on the servers? would it be better to just start up ff14? or is it best to just not rejoin at this point, because activity is just so low and id be to far behind. please help me if yall can. Thanks
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Well, good news. If you have a 75, you'll be 99 in under a week. Quicker if you dont mind doing a bunch of level caps in a row.

Also, once you're 99, you can solo Dynamis as well as Sky.

I looked earlier on my server, and there's 1700 people around. It differs a little from hour to hour, going up and going down, but there's still a solid playerbase playing the game that's going nowhere. Certainly not going to stop anytime soon, despite the doom-sayers that were upset due to someone taking away their items they could NPC for a crapload of gil.

All in all, returning to FF11 is better than returning to the steaming pile of dung that is FF14. So dust off your WS gear and come on back.
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I would start with the Sticky threads, especially the Abyssea one. This will give you a flavor for what has changed.

In my opinion, if you are going to want to go full throttle with the next expansion, it's probably a good idea to get up to speed on the last one that you missed now. Make some friends, maybe reacquaint with a few old ones, etc. The best thing you can do is meet some people in your current situation (they exist!) and do content together. I don't think you'll have problems doing that.

#4 Oct 30 2012 at 3:14 PM Rating: Decent
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It's easy and fast to get XP in abyssea to cap your jobs from 75>99.
There are still a lot of people playing, between 1 > 2.5k people on all the servers.
Most of the gear is quite easy to get, most of it is still from Abyssea, you can also get Aby linkshells still where you can get all the gear with 1-2 people.
Dynamis and sky are all soloable now, which means you can build your own dyna weapon solo more or less in a few months if you wanted to.

So if your only reason to fear coming back is being too far behind don't worry about it. Also there is a new FFXI expansion due next year,.

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