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Self-imposed progression guild

#1 Jan 10 2013 at 7:10 AM Rating: Decent
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Wow, good to hear there are enough players on Trak to field a real raid force! Last time I made a toon there, just to putz around, I found 2 traders in the Bazaar and literally nobody around to respond to a general chat inquiry. It's the lowest-pop server in EQ, by far. How many raiding guilds are there?


Logged in my Trak toon, "Seppen", level 2 druid. He was in GFay so I ran to the book and visited the guild lobby and Bazaar. Two guilds recruiting, one a brand-new non-raiding entity (which could be one guy and his buddy) and the other is the one major raiding guild I heard of on Trak with the funny name. I'm surprised YOUR guild doesn't post on the in-game recruitment boards.

I was alone in PoK, one other player in the GL, an afk level 100 mage with said raiding guild. Bazaar had 7 traders, I think almost all were in off-line mode.

Visiting Trak server is like waking up in the world of 28 Days or The Walking Dead. Except you never seem to run into any zombies! It's a GREAT server if you LOVE to solo or box and want first dibs on nameds and rare drops. I'm sure it's a great server to practice self-imposed level-cap raiding, as long as you can recruit enough people to field a viable raid force. I see by your website that you raid Vex Thal and the Planes, both raids that require firepower, so I see you can get the numbers. That's GREAT! But I do think it should be made clear that Trakanon is a rather "strange" EQ server, with an INCREDIBLY small player population. Frankly, I'm amazed Sony maintains this server and hasn't moved to merge it into another server. Clearly some people in their management have a soft spot in their heart for it. For my taste, and I like to solo and box (but just not 100% of the time!) it's too empty of players. Running around I kept expecting some tumbleweeds to roll by...

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