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#1 Nov 07 2012 at 10:15 PM Rating: Decent
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Hello everyone. I'm back after a long break.
Well, actually, I first played EQ in early 2001, quit in 2004, came back for a few months in 2008/09 and here I am again now.

It was originally E'ci, which merged with Tunare.
Back even in 2008/09, you would see a good number of people in Bazaar, Plane of Knowledge and scattered about the various nooks and crannies of Norrath.
I logged in a couple nights ago to a ghost town. The first place I went was the Bazaar to see how crappy my gear is compared to the stuff people are selling (LOL) and there was NO ONE in the bazaar. Yes, it was empty!
Which brings me to my question --> Are there any servers out there with a decent population of people still? I'm also looking for a guild. Not necessarily one of raiding stature, as I may not have time for that anymore. Just, you know, for grouping and stuff. I really don't mind moving one of my toons to another server, or just starting a new one either. Just looking to have some fun and I'm afraid I'll leave again for good if I'm unable to find any groups as that's truly the most fun one can have in the game IMO.

I was also mildly shocked to see that I was still in my necro chat channel, as well as a general chat.
I still need to re-familiarize myself with spells and basic game mechanics, but it's coming back slowly.
My hotkeys are all messed up (ie, non-existent) and I forgot what most of my AA's do.

I read another thread on here about people's ages and it appears that the general EQ crowd is 30+, which makes sense as it's been out for 13 years now.
I'm 36 and first played at the tender age of 25. haha.

Anyway, if anyone has a suggestion of a good server to check out, please do tell.
A good "family" guild would be nice too. I know that's kind of a cliche, but just a good amount of people who play casually and like to group and mess around.
I almost got the urge to go dragon hunting in Kunark with my necro, but think I'll need to at least remember how to use my pet again. ;)

Let me know if you have any suggestions, or anything at all to say :)
Might be dating myself EQ-wise, but I remember when auctions were in East Commons and/or Greater Faydark. No one seems to be in Bazaar or PoK anymore, so perhaps there's a zone in one of the newer expansions that I'm missing.
Ok, sorry for the long post. I'll stop now =)

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It may be the zone or server had recently crashed, as those are the only times, I've seen Tunare bazaar empty. Granted there's only about 80-100 players there normally selling stuff, and 0-3 buyers.

Yther Ore.
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