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This article contains the threat values for many different modifiers and abilities. For more details on threat in general, see threat.

Abilities with a * are talents. All threat values shown are for the highest-rank available for the ability.

Threat Auras
Name Modifier
Damage 1.0 threat per point of damage dealt
Healing 0.5 threat per point of healing done
Mana 0.5 threat per point of mana gained
Rage 5.0 threat per point of rage gained
Bracing Earthstorm Diamond .98x threat
Enchant Gloves - Threat 1.02x threat
Enchant Cloak - Subtlety .98x threat
Fetish of the Sand Reaver .5x threat when active
Bear Form 1.3x threat
Feral Instinct* 1.05x/1.10x/1.15x threat while in Bear Form
Cat Form .71x threat
Subtlety* .96x/.92x/.88x/.84x/.80x threat for all spells
Improved Tranquility* .5x/0x threat for Tranquility
Misdirection 0x threat to you, 1x threat to target for next 3 attacks
Arcane Subtlety* .8x/.6x threat for all Arcane spells
Burning Soul* .95x/.90x threat for all Fire spells
Frost Channeling* .96x/.93x/.90x for all Frost spells
Passive Healing Reduction .5x for all healing spells
Blessing of Salvation .7x threat
Righteous Fury 1.6x for all Holy spells
Improved Righteous Fury* 1.696x/1.798x/1.9x for all Holy Spells (replaces base Righteous Fury effect; does not stack)
Fanaticism* .94x/.88x/.82x/.76x/.70x threat when Righteous Fury is not active
Shadow Affinity* .92x/.84x/.75x for Shadow spells
Silent Resolve* .96x/.92x/.88x/.84x/.80x for all Holy and Discipline spells
Vestments of Faith 6-piece Set Bonus -.1x threat on all healing spells
Passive Reduction .71x threat
Bonescythe 6-piece Set Bonus -.08x threat on Sinister Strike, Backstab, Hemorrhage and Eviscerate
Tranquil Air Totem .8x threat
Elemental Precision* .96x/.93x/.90x for Fire, Frost and Nature spells
Healing Grace* .95x/.90x/.85x for healing spells
Spirit Weapons* .7x for melee attacks
Improved Fire Totems* .75x/.5x threat for Magma Totem
Master Demonologist* .96x/.92x/.88x/.84x/.80x when your Imp is active
Destructive Reach* .95x/.9x for Destruction spells
Improved Drain Soul* .95x/.9x for Affliction spells
Battle Stance .8x threat
Berserker Stance .8x threat
Defensive Stance 1.3x threat
Defiance* 1.05x/1.1x/1.15x threat while in Defensive Stance
Tactical Mastery 1.21x/1.42x/1.63x threat for Mortal Strike and Bloodthirst while in Defensive Stance
Bonus Threat Abilities
Name Modifier
Black Amnesty -540 threat
Prism of Inner Calm -150 threat whenever you crit with melee, -1000 threat whenever you crit with a spell
Muck-Covered Drape -473 threat within 30y
Grace of Earth -640 threat within 30y
Hypnotist's Watch -720 threat within 30y
Timelapse Shard -901 threat within 30y
Jewel of Charismatic Mystique -1075 threat within 30y
Shrouding Potion -1500 threat within 30y
Mangle* 1.3x threat
Maul +322 threat
Lacerate +285 threat, -.8x threat from damage
Faerie Fire +106 threat
Demoralizing Roar +42 threat
Cower -1170 threat
Growl See Taunting
Feign Death Removed from threat list, resistable
Distracting Shot +700 threat
Disengage -545 threat
Growl +664 threat to pet, +5.2 threat to pet per point of base pet AP over 735
Intimidation* +580 threat to pet
Cower -360 threat to pet
Invisibility -10% threat/sec, removed from threat list when completed
Counterspell +500 threat
Divine Intervention Removed from threat list
Righteous Defense See Taunting
Holy Nova* 0x threat
Power Word: Shield +657.5 threat
Reflective Shield* 0x threat
Fade -1500 threat for duration of effect
Vanish Removed from threat list
Feint -1050 threat
Bloodfang 5-piece Set Bonus +.25x threat reduction with Feint
Frost Shock 2x threat
Searing Pain 2x threat
Soulshatter Reduces threat by 50% to all targets within 50 yards, resistable
Suffering +885 threat to pet, +.547 threat to pet per point of pet AP over 124
Anguish +632 threat to pet, +.698 threat to pet per point of pet AP over 109
Torment +632 threat to pet, +.385 threat to pet per point of pet AP over 123
Cleave +130 threat to pet
Soothing Kiss -275 threat to pet
Thunder Clap 1.75x threat
Shield Slam +307 threat
Sunder Armor +301 threat
Devastate* +106 + 14 threat per sunder, also applies threat of Sunder Armor when increasing the debuff
Shield Bash +230 threat
Improved Shield Bash* +Unknown
Revenge +201 threat
Improved Revenge* +25 threat
Heroic Strike +196 threat
Cleave +130 threat, divided between targets
Disarm +104 threat
Battle Shout +69 threat, divided between enemies
Commanding Shout +69 threat, divided between enemies
Taunt See Taunting
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