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Obtaining Bear Form

Once a Druid reaches level 10 they will receive Heeding the Call from their Druid Trainer. For Taurens seek out Turak Runetotem in Thunder Bluff (on Elder Rise). For Night Elves seek out Mathrengyl Bearwalker in Darnassus (in the Cenarion Enclave). Upon completion they will learn the Bear Form.

Night Elf and Tauren Druids in Bear Form
Night Elf and Tauren Druids in Bear Form

Bear Form

  • Allows the use of Bear Abilities.
  • Increases melee attack power by 30.
  • Increases armor contribution from items by 180%.
  • Increases Stamina by 25%.
  • Immune to Polymorph effects.

    • The act of shapeshifting frees the caster of Polymorph and Movement Impairing effects.

Bear Spells/Abilities

These abilities can only be use while in Bear Form.
Ability Description
Demoralizing Roar Decreases nearby enemies melee attack power.
Maul Increases the druid's next attack.
Growl Taunts the target to attack you, but has no effect if the target is already attacking you.
Nature's Grasp While active, any time an enemy strikes the caster they have a 100% chance to become afflicted by Entangling Roots. 1 charge. Lasts 45 seconds.
Barkskinincapacitated, feared or asleep. Lasts 12 seconds.
Enrage Gains rage per second. Base armor is reduced.
Bash Stuns the target.
Swipe Hits three nearby enemies. Will break crowd controls.
Faerie Fire Reduces the targets armor. The enemy can also not use stealth for the duration of this debuff.
Survival Instincts Temporarily grants you 30% of your maximum health for 20 seconds. After the effect expires, the health is lost. (Requires 10 points in the Feral tree.)
Challenging Roar Forces all nearby enemies to focus attacks on you.
Feral Charge Causes you to charge an enemy, immobilizing and interrupting any spell being cast for 4 seconds. (Requires 20 points in the Feral tree.)
Frenzied Regeneration Converts rage into health.
Savage Defense This is a passive ability. Each time you deal a critical strike, you gain Savage Defense; reducing the damage taken from the next physical attack that strikes by 25% of your attack power.
Mangle Direct damage attack that causes the target to take 30% additional damage from Shred and bleed effects for 12 seconds. (Requires 40 points in the Feral tree.)
Lacerate Direct damage attack that makes the target to bleed, causing a high amount of threat. This can stack up to 5 times on the same target.
Berserk Causes your Mangle ability to hit up to 3 targets and have no cooldown. (Requires 50 points in the Feral tree.)
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