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Each of the ten playable races has a unique set of minor bonuses. While these abilities are not supposed to be overwhelming to gameplay, they are noticeable enough to add a little flavor to each people.

Note that priests also have special racial spells.

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  • Gemcutting: +5 bonus to Jewelcrafting.
  • Gift of the Naaru: (Activated) Targeted Heal-over-time ability, 3 minute cooldown.
  • Inspiring/Heroic Presence: +1% chance to hit aura. Affects either physical attacks or spells depending on the class of the Draenei.
  • Shadow Resistance: +10 bonus to Shadow Resistance.


  • Find Treasure: Tracking skills that locates nearby treasure chests.
  • Frost Resistance: +10 bonus to Frost Resistance.
  • Gun Specialization: +1% chance to crit while firing a gun.
  • Stoneform: (Activated) Removes all Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects for 8 seconds, and increases armor by 10% for that time. 3 minute cooldown.


  • Arcane Resistance: +10 bonus to Arcane Resistance.
  • Engineering Specialization: +15 bonus to Engineering.
  • Escape Artist: (Activated) Removes the effect of one Snare or Root effect. 1min 45sec cooldown.
  • Expansive Mind: +5% bonus to Intelligence.


  • Diplomacy: +10% bonus to all reputation gains.
  • The Human Spirit: +5% bonus to Spirit.
  • Perception: (Activated) Increases stealth detection dramatically for 20 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.
  • Sword and Mace Specialization: +5 bonus to Expertise while using a sword or a mace, including two-handed varieties.

Night Elf

  • Nature Resistance: +10 bonus to Nature Resistance
  • Quickness: 1% bonus to dodge chance
  • Shadowmeld: (Activated) Blends in with surroundings, entering a weak state of stealth. Can only be done Out of Combat, and must remain still. 10 second cooldown.
  • Wisp Spirit: +50% movement rate while dead (as opposed to 25% for other races)

Blood Elf

  • Arcane Affinity: +10 bonus to Enchanting
  • Arcane Torrent: (Activated) Silences nearby opponents and restores mana or energy per Mana Tap charge. 2 minute cooldown.
  • Mana Tap: (Activated) Reduce target's mana slightly and become charged with Arcane energy. Stacks up to 3 times. 30 second cooldown.
  • Magic Resistance: +5 bonus to all resistances.


  • Axe Specialization: +5 bonus to Expertise while using an axe or two-handed axe.
  • Blood Fury: (Activated) Increases attack power for 15 seconds, while lowering the effect of healing on you.
  • Command: Pet damage increased by 5%.
  • Hardiness: 15% resistance to stun and knockdown effects.


  • Cultivation: +15 bonus to Herbalism.
  • Endurance: +5% bonus to maximum health.
  • Nature Resistance: +10 bonus to Nature Resistance.
  • War Stomp: (Activated) Stun up to 5 nearby opponents for 2 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.


  • Beast Slaying: +5% damage bonus while fighting Beasts
  • Berserking: (Activated) Increase haste and spell haste by 10-30%, depending on the damage of the troll. Effect lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Regeneration: +10% to health regeneration, which additionally functions during combat.
  • Throwing Specialization: +1% chance to crit while using Throwing Weapons and Bows.


  • Cannibalize: (Activated) Regenerate health for 5 seconds by consuming a Humanoid or Undead corpse. 2 minute cooldown.
  • Shadow Resistance: +10 bonus to Shadow Resistance.
  • Underwater Breathing: Breath lasts 300% longer.
  • Will of the Forsaken: (Activated) Become immune to Fear, Sleep, and Charm spells for 5 seconds. Can be used to break these effects as well. 2 minute cooldown.

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