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Herbalism (Primary Profession)
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Herbalism is a gathering profession focused on the collection of useful flora.

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What Herbalism Creates

Herbalism helps players locate herb nodes, and to pick these plants for use in alchemy recipes.

What Herbalism Requires

Herbalism is a strict gathering skill. It has no special needs other than having an available profession slot to train it in. It does, however, use mini-map tracking to find herbs, and this can interfere with certain races and classes' other abilities, notably hunters.

Is Herbalism For Me?

Herbalism is useful for people who have taken the Alchemy or Inscription professions, as herbs are the raw ingredients for these two crafting professions, and time permitting, collecting your own ingredients is a lot cheaper than buying them on the Auction House.

In terms of making money, like any gathering skill, herbalism can be very lucrative. It is a strange paradox in World of Warcraft that the materials for a produced item typically cost just as much as the item itself due to the availability of crafters and the large amount of raw materials on the Auction House. Often someone who knows an alchemist and wants a particular potion will buy loose herbs to hand over to their friend. So, in a strange sense, yes, picking weeds is a very good money-maker.

There is a small benefit to being an herbalist. At each mastery level, a new ability is granted called Lifeblood. That being said, there are a few herbs (such as Bloodthistle) that can be used in their raw form to boost certain abilities for a short time.


Proficiency Horde Alliance
Apprentice - 1 to 75
- 76 to 150
Expert - 151 to 225
Artisan - 226 to 300
Master - 301 to 375
Grand Master - 350 to 450)


There is no specialization for herbalism.

Herbalism Quests

Root Samples

Quests that require products from an herbalist:

  • Earthroot was formerly required for the Alliance Druid bearform quest. This seems to no longer be the case.
  • The Ward of Wakening, a druid quest, requires three different herbs.

The following quests either require a herbalist's help, or the purchase of herbs from the Auction House. Some of the quests listed below provide herbs as a reward.

Arthas' Tears







Wildvine (dropped by trolls, purple lotus)

New in Wrath of the Lich King

Gathering Skill Buffs

Gathering professions will now get a passive buff or active ability that's based on gathering skill level. For herbalists this is an active ability called Lifeblood, the ability currently reads as follows:

Embrace the natural energies surrounding you, healing you for 2000 over 15 sec. (300/480/720/900/1200/2000 Depending on Rank). Instant, 5 min cooldown.

The six ranks follow the 6 levels of profession proficiency[1]:

  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman
  • Expert
  • Artisan
  • Master
  • Grandmaster

Of note to shadow priest flower-pickers - casting this HoT does not remove shadowform.

Skill Bonuses

  • Tauren gain a 15-point bonus to their herbalism skill from the "Cultivation" Racial trait. However, this does not allow a Tauren to harvest herbs without training the herbalism skill.
  • Herbalist's Gloves will give you a +5 bonus to herbalism.
  • Enchant Gloves - Herbalism will give you a +2 bonus to herbalism.
  • Enchant Gloves - Advanced Herbalism will give you a +5 bonus to herbalism.
  • Enchant Gloves - Gatherer will give you a +5 bonus to all gathering professions, including herbalism.


  1. ^ Note that this is self-cast only. Rank 6 (the highest rank) heals for 2000 over 15 seconds.

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