Leather (WoW)  

Leather can refer to either the type of armor or a material used in Leatherworking, Tailoring, Engineering, and Blacksmithing.

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As An Armor Type

Leather armor can be worn by every class except for Priests, Warlocks, and Mages. It typically falls into two categories: gear with AGI, Hit Rating and Crit Rating, among other stats, meant for Rogues, Hunters and Cat Form Druids; or gear with Intellect, Spell Damage and Spell Hit Rating, intended for caster Shaman. Note that while this is not the full scope of possible leather gear, it is a general idea of what types of leather armor will be found on instance bosses and from quest rewards.

As A Crafting Material

Leather is typically gathered by skinners who kill beasts or dragonkin. It is used by nearly all Leatherworking recipes and in numerous Tailoring, Engineering and Blacksmithing recipes. Because of this, skinning can typically be a fairly profitable profession. Most hides gathered through skinning must be cured by a Leatherworker before they can be used. All normal types of leather may be converted into a higher rank of leather, save for Heavy Knothide Leather. Some special leather can be skinned from certain mobs and are only used in select recipes.

Type of Leather Created from Skill required Stops giving skill at
Light Leather 3 Ruined Leather Scraps 1 40
Medium Leather 4 Light Leather 100 110
Heavy Leather 5 Medium Leather 150 160
Thick Leather 6 Heavy Leather 200 205
Knothide Leather 5 Knothide Leather Scraps 300 310
Heavy Knothide Leather 5 Knothide Leather 325 335

Leather can also often be found inside of chests.

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