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RacesDraenei, Orc, Troll, Tauren
Talent TreesElemental, Enhancement, Restoration


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In tune with the elements, Shamans are masters of air, earth, fire and water. Capable of fighting with the elements at their side, unleashing devastating magic on their opponents, or healing their allies, shamans are a very powerful hybrid class.

Class capabilities

Weapon proficiencies:

  • Maces
  • Axes
  • Two-handed Maces
  • Two-handed Axes
  • Daggers
  • Staff

Armor proficiencies:

  • Cloth
  • Leather
  • Mail (at level 40)
  • Shields

Although the typical image of a shaman is a spiritual healer or a witch doctor, Warcraft shamans are not afraid to get physical. Of course, they can cast lightning spells as well or use their "shock" abilities to cause sudden short-range damage to their opponents.

The most distinct characteristic of the shaman class is the use of Totems. Separated into four categories -- fire, air, earth and water -- the shaman can "drop" a totem on the ground related to each element. There are many different totems, providing many different effects, but most typically create a short-range buff to the shaman and nearby party members. Some affect nearby enemies instead.

The three areas of focus for the shaman are Elemental, Enhancement and Restoration. Restoration relates almost exclusively to the healing powers of a shaman. Elemental is on the damaging aspects of their magic. Enhancement is for improving the shaman's melee prowess and for dealing damage during combat.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Shamans are a hybrid class, and can be very powerful in one of their three different spheres. They tend to be lackluster in the other two. Although they can use a shield, shamans can generally not tank effectively. Rather, they deal damage, provide support and utility, and heal.

Perhaps the biggest limitation for a shaman, at least while earning experience, is mana. Unlike many other classes, shamans are incredibly limited by how much they can do with their mana. As a result, shamans are quite possibly the most gear-dependent class, needing either physical boosts or magical bonuses to operate well.

Group roles and expectations

Like other hybrids, the shaman's role will be determined by their specialization. In all likelihood, if the group has an expectation, it will be to heal. Generally any class that cannot heal expects any class that can heal to do so. The use of appropriate totems is also very important in a group context. However shamans in some groups will serve more of a purpose than just healing. While being a class that has very specific abilities in individual trees, using different combinations (usually an enhancement and an elemental shaman) a group can find to have an extremely strong team not to mention the fact that you have 2 different sets of totems to cover both melee and casting classes.

Class Quests

Nearly all shaman classes are based around the acquisition of their totems. All totems are used via quests performed which are received at a specific level:

Level 4 - Earth Totem Quest (Alliance/Horde)
Level 10 - Fire Totem Quest (Alliance/Horde)
Level 20 - Water Totem Quest (Alliance/Horde)
Level 30 - Wind Totem Quest (Alliance/Horde)

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