Kidney Shot (WoW)  

Kidney Shot is a Rogue finishing move that stuns the target for a brief time, dependent on the number of combo points the Rogue has accumulated on that target. Rank 1 is learned at level 30; rank 2 is gained at 50. Like most Rogue special attacks, Kidney Shot requires a melee weapon to be equipped in the main hand. It costs 25 Energy to use.

With Improved Kidney Shot, a talent in the Assassination tree, a target afflicted by Kidney Shot takes 3%/6%/9% increased damage from all sources.

Kidney Shot Rank 1 CP 2 CP 3 CP 4 CP 5 CP
Rank 1 1 sec 2 sec 3 sec 4 sec 5 sec
Rank 2 2 sec 3 sec 4 sec 5 sec 6 sec

Kidney Shot is widely used in leveling; when combined with Cheap Shot, the target is locked down for as long as 10 seconds, saving the rogue from a lot of damage taken and causing a very easy kill on most enemies. In PvP its purpose is similar, preventing the target from acting and making for an easier kill; however, it is subject to diminishing returns.

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