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Charm effects are a form of crowd control that involve taking control of the opponent.

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Types of Charm Effects

Charm effects come in three types;

  1. Direct control over the effected target. You lose control of your actual character and gain control of the target, including full movement controls. This type of Charm effect includes Priest's Mind Control.
  2. Indirect control over the effected target. The effected target becomes your pet, complete with a pet bar. This ability gives you much less direct movement control but you retain control over your characte. Note that if you already have an active pet (such as a Hunter or Warlock pet) this type of charm will fail. This type of Charm effect includes a Warlock's Enslave Demon, the Gnomish Mind Control Cap and the Gnomish Universal Remote.
  3. Pseudocharm effects. Not a true Charm effect, but treated as one for the purposes of immunity, resistances and ways in which to break it. The Warlock's Succubus's Seduction falls into this category, but it acts more like a standard Incapacitate effect.

Removing Charm

Charm effects can be removed with a PvP Trinket as well as the Undead racial ability Will of the Forsaken, which will additionally grant 5 seconds of immunity to further Charm effects. Hunter's with the effects of The Beast Within are also immune to Charm effects for the duration of the effect.

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