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This profession became available with Patch 3.0.2, the pre-content patch for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It is available to all players, regardless if they have a WotLK account or not.

Inscription is a profession that primarily allows players to use "glyphs" to improve their abilities. The profession requires the use of herbs to make special ink.

The Glyph Page
The Glyph Page

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What is Inscription?

Inscription creates three kinds of papers and scrolls.

  1. Scrolls for temporary buffs, like Scroll of Stamina.
  2. Special paper for enchanters to apply their enchants onto (vellums).
  3. Glyphs.
  4. Special offhand items (primarily caster stats)
  5. Darkmoon Faire Cards including the pre-existing level 60 and 70 sets, new lower level sets, and Northrend sets.
  6. Certificate of Ownership


Proficiency Horde Alliance
Apprentice - 1 to 75
- 76 to 150
Expert - 151 to 225
Artisan - 226 to 300
Master - 301 to 375
Grand Master
- 350 to 450


Glyphs allow players to enhance single abilities to perform differently. For example, the affected ability might have a shorter cooldown, deal/heal more damage, or take on a different appearance. Upon logging in to the new expansion for the first time, players will discover a new page in their spell book where they have space to add up to six glyphs to their character. Glyphs fall into two categories: Major and Minor. The amount and type of glyph "slots" available to a character will depend on their level. There are three major and three minor available at different levels.

Player LevelMajor Glyph SlotsMinor Glyph Slots
Major glyphs tend to impact the ability in a profound way, such as the Glyph of Mind Flay reducing the snare effect of the spell to 10% and increasing the range by 10 yards, or the Glyph of Revenge adding the effect of making a Warrior's Revenge allow the next Heroic Strike to be free of rage cost.

Minor glyphs have less of an impact on the ability. For example, the Glyph of the Penguin changes the Sheep from a Mage's polymorph spell into a baby penguin. Other examples of Minor Glyphs include Glyph of Blurred Speed, Glyph of Water Walking, and Glyph of Thorns.

See Glyph for a complete list of glyphs.

Other Crafted Items


Scribes can also create different Vellums. These vellums serve as a target for an enchanter's enchant. There are two primary types of vellums: Armor and Weapon. Each type also has various "levels" of the item. This is used where certain enchants require a specific level item or higher to enchant. For example, Weapon Vellum II would be a valid target for the Mongoose enchant. Enchanting these vellums creates a scroll of the enchant that anyone can then use to enchant an item. This allows for enchanters to trade crafted enchants either through the mail system or the auction house.

Buff Scrolls

Scribes can create various Buff Scrolls that will buff a single attribute. These scrolls are identical to those that can drop from NPCs. For example, Scroll of Agility IV and Scroll of Spirit can both be crafted.

Offhand Items

Scribes are able to craft various levels of offhand items catered mostly to casters. Starting in patch 3.03, these offhand items are Bind on Equip (they were previously Bind on Pickup, thus only available to the scribe herself) and may be traded and sold on the auction house. A couple examples of these items are Tome of the Dawn, Book of Stars, and Hellfire Tome. See the recipes link at the top for more detail.

Note: As of patch 3.02, these tomes require inscription to use. Whether or not this will be staying is not yet known.

Darkmoon Faire Cards

The Darkmoon Faire Cards are also able to be crafted by Scribes. These cards include the likes of Four of Beasts and Eight of Furies. Also included in this are several lower level Darkmoon Faire card sets for both lower levels (e.g. Three of Rogues) and higher levels.

Creating an Inscription

Inscription requires herbs to create ink. With these inks, as well as parchment and scribe's tools, the scribe can create the various scrolls available. This means that the best second profession to pair with Inscription is Herbalism. Inscribers who do not collect their own herbs will be forced to purchase them from other players. The other materials are bought from vendors.


Milling is very similiar to prospecting from Jewelcrafting. After choosing to mill, you click on a stack of at least 5 herbs and it will become ground up for pigment. There are different levels of pigment, based on which herb is used, and the results will be anywhere from 1 to 5 pigments. The pigment is then used to create the various inks for inscription.

Note that Peacebloom can be directly made into a low level ink to get a new scribe started on the profession, however, the vast majority of inks that are used are created through the pigments gained from milling various "classes" of herbs.

Much like both prospecting and disenchanting, milling requires a certain inscription level for each group of herbs. There is also a chance to find an uncommon pigment from each time the scribe mills a set of herbs. These uncommon pigments are used to craft inks that are used in various other inscription recipies.

Pigments, Inks, and Herb "Classes"

Herb "Class"Pigment(s) MilledInks MadeInk MaterialsInscription Level
Peacebloom, Silverleaf, EarthrootAlabaster PigmentIvory Ink
Moonglow Ink
Alabaster Pigment x1
Alabaster Pigment x2
Mageroyal, Briarthorn, Swiftthistle,
Bruiseweed, Stranglekelp
Dusky Pigment
Verdant Pigment
Midnight Ink
Hunter's Ink
Dusky Pigment x2
Verdant Pigment x1
Wild Steelbloom, Grave Moss,
Kingsblood, Liferoot
Golden Pigment
Burnt Pigment
Lion's Ink
Dawnstar Ink
Golden Pigment x2
Burnt Pigment x1
Fadeleaf, Goldthorn,
Khadgar's Whisker, Wintersbite
Emerald Pigment
Indigo Pigment
Jadefire Ink
Royal Ink
Emerald Pigment x2
Indigo Pigment x1
Firebloom, Purple Lotus, Arthas' Tears,
Sungrass, Blindweed,
Ghost Mushroom, Gromsblood
Violet Pigment
Ruby Pigment
Celestial Ink
Fiery Ink
Violet Pigment x2
Ruby Pigment x1
Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage,
Plaguebloom, Icecap
Silvery Pigment
Sapphire Pigment
Shimmering Ink
Ink of the Sky
Silvery Pigment x2
Sapphire Pigment x1
Felweed, Dreaming Glory, Ancient Lichen,
Ragveil, Terocone, Mana Thistle,
Netherbloom, Nightmare Vine
Nether Pigment
Ebon Pigment
Ethereal Ink
Darkflame Ink
Nether Pigment x2
Ebon Pigment x1
Adder's Tongue, Constrictor Grass, Goldclover,
Icethorn, Lichbloom,
Talandra's Rose, Tiger Lily
Azure Pigment
Icy Pigment
Ink of the Sea
Snowfall Ink
Azure Pigment x2
Icy Pigment x2
The following herbs cannot be milled:

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