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Alchemy is a useful tradeskill for providing healing potions and short-term effects. Because the products it creates are consumable, there is always a need for alchemists' products.

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What Alchemy Creates

Alchemy is used for creating four things:

  1. Potions with immediate effect. (Healing Potions, for example.)
  2. Elixirs are potions with a buff effect. A player can only use one offensive elixir and one defensive elixir at a time. (They are marked as Battle Elixir or Guardian Elixir.)
  3. Flasks are special extra-powerful effects that last for two hours, regardless of if the character dies, and count as both types of elixir.
  4. Certain special tradeskill materials can only be created through the alchemical process of Transmutation.

List of Alchemy products

What Alchemy Requires

Most alchemy recipes require a vial (vendor-bought) and herbs. Because of the high need for herbs to create potions from, it is highly recommended that an alchemist's second profession is Herbalism.

Is Alchemy For Me?

Alchemy is a very broad field that provides effects for anyone. Regardless of your class or playstyle, there will be something you can use from Alchemy. This can be good reason to be an alchemist yourself, or to befriend one in case you need a potion later on.

In terms of making money, alchemy is one of the production tradeskills that can actually be profitable, but the supply and demand of certain potions changes tremendously based on what high-level characters need most at that time. For example, Greater Fire Protection Potions and their ingredients were hot commodities while most raiding guildes were trying to kill Ragnaros. Once guilds moved on beyond Molten Core, GFPP's stopped being nearly as important and their price dropped tremendously. Still, some potions are always useful -- casters will always need Super Mana least until a bigger mana potion enters the game!

The benefits of being your own alchemist include the use of the Alchemist's Stone trinket


Proficiency Horde Alliance Neutral
Apprentice (1-75)
Journeyman (76-150)
Expert (151-225)
Artisan (226-300)
Master (301-375)
Grand Master (376-450)


At level 68, a high-level alchemist has the option of specializing in Potions, Elixirs, or Transmutation. They can only choose one, and a quest must be done for their area of focus.

When you choose your area of focus, there is a chance when producing items of that type that you will produce extras. So for example, if you were making five Super Healing Potions as a potion master, it's likely that one of those combines would produce 2-5 potions rather than just 1. Flasks are classified as Elixirs for masteries.

Alchemy Quests

This is by no means a complete list.

Quests for Alchemists

Elixirs for the Bladeleafs (Teldrassil, level 8)

Quests requiring Alchemists

Alchemy Lab: Some recipes require an Alchemy Lab (e.g., Flask of Mighty Restoration). There is an Alchemy Lab in the lower City in Shattrath City (in Terrokar Forest).

New in Wrath of the Lich King

Wrath of the Lich King

Passive Ability

Some information from this section has been taken directly from WotLK wiki until we have some reliable info from WoWreader.

Alchemists will get a new passive ability called Mixology. The tooltip states: "You receive an increased effect when you drink any elixir or flask you are able to make." The increased effect seems to be somewhere between 20-30% which could be quite the boost to flasks.

New Transmutes

Like the Burning Crusade Primal Elements, Lich King has Eternal Elements which can be transmuted to other Eternal Elements as follows (note these are all Eternal). Each of these requires a Philosopher's Stone and one of the Eternal Elements to perform the transmute.

  • Fire to Water
  • Fire to Life
  • Air to Water
  • Air to Earth
  • Earth to Air
  • Earth to Shadow
  • Shadow to Life
  • Shadow to Earth
  • Water to Fire
  • Water to Air

New Recipes

A note on the Crazy Alchemist's Potion - unlike the Mad Alchemist's potion there is no guaranteed effect. All effects are random though they do seem to relate to both class as well as health/mama level. Some effects that hev been seen so fare are:

  • Nightmare Potion effect (seems to only happen when you're lower on health and mana)
  • Runic Healing potion effect (heals ya!)
  • Wild Magic (increased spellpower - seems to only happen to casters)
  • Potion of Speed effect (increased haste rating - seems to only happen to melee)
  • Nothing - yes, right now there seems to be a chance for absolutely nothing to happen. It's unknown if this is a bug or not.

Also of note - Potions can now be kept in stacks of 20. And thank god for that.

  1. ^ Herbert Halsey's name is a pop culture reference to two people: Herbert West and Dr. Halsey, from the pulp horror novel 'Herbert West - Reanimator' by H. P. Lovecraft. Dr. Halsey is the dean of the Miskatonic University Medical School, West's principal opponent in his reanimation research. Lovecraft, Howard Phillips (1922-1923). Herbert West: Reanimator.

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