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The Titans are a race of powerful, majestic creatures, akin to gods. These metallic giants traveled across the cosmos bringing order to worlds.

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Once a generally aloof race, they have now become subject to scrutiny to the dwarven peoples in their scattered cities of Azeroth — specifically in the Explorer's Guild in Ironforge. The part of the Titans in Azeroth's history stretches far in the past although recently the titan Sargeras has taken a more active interest in recent conflicts, such as the offensive against the Burning Legion. There are two known races of titans (Aesir and Vanir). The Pantheon are the leaders of the titans and some of the universe's most powerful entities. Their figure is humanoid but gigantic, with gleaming metallic skin and a perfection of form that makes the heart ache.

Very little is even known about the titans, although the dwarves have unearthed a few scraps and there is a smattering of folklore from the Night Elves. It is of note that even today, very few scholars even believe that these mighty demigods even existed and scoff at the "proof" supplied by Dwarven loremasters.

According to legend, these mighty titans formed and shaped the land when the world was still in its infancy but left it to its own devices while it was still young. As evidence of the existence of these demi-gods, Dwarves refer to the mighty ruins and buried cities that can be found scattered throughout Azeroth, such as Uldum (beneath the deserts of Tanaris), the ruin of Ulduar found in the Storm Peaks in Northrend and, finally, Uldaman, deep beneath the dwarven home of Khaz Modan. Each of these areas are known "titanic" ruins and, theoried, to be filled with relics of power from ages past. The average denizen of Azeroth believes them to simply be ruins however, and not of "titanic origin".

According to Dwarven information, there are (or were) two species of titans. The Aesir, an extremely strong and agile group, and the tougher but less physically powerful Vanir. To this day, however, no titan has ever been spotted and it is believed, by some, that they have retreated to live amongst the stars, free to create and shape new worlds.

Known Titans

Most of the known titans come from the sect known only as the Pantheon.

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