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Stealth is a player ability to essentially become invisible. You aren't truly invisible, however the odds of being noticed are very slim. Rogues and Cat form druids have the ability to enter a state of stealth. The rogue's ability for this is literally called Stealth, while the druid uses Prowl. Night Elves can also use Shadowmeld to receive a very weak level of stealth, however they cannot move or take any actions while Shadowmeld is active. Rogues and druids are able to move, but slower than they would normally run.

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Stealth and perception

Stealth and your chance of being detected is based on your "stealth level". There are 5 factors which determine stealth/detection level. These points are explained in detail further down.

  • Distance - The further from the enemy, the harder you are to detect
  • Viewing Angle - Chance of being detected increases as the enemy faces you
  • Your Level - Each level adds 5 to your 'Stealth level'
  • Enemy Level - Each level adds 5 to the enemies 'Detection level'
  • Modifiers - eg. perception adds 50 to stealth level (equivilent to 10 levels above) - see below

Early warnings

Enemy NPC mobs will normally react when you near the point of being detected, humanoids will say something and non-humandoids will let out a grunt, this does not effect your stealth level, it is only a warning.

You have to beware of certain mobs specifically stealth-detectors. When you enter stealth mode, you'll see a spinning teal coloured icon above any monsters with stealth detection ability.


Stealth Level Modifiers





  • Enchant: Enchant Cloak - Stealth (+5)
  • Racial: Night elf - Shadowmeld (+5)

Perception Modifiers


  • Track Hidden (+30, hunter)
  • Felhunter (paranoia) (+30, warlock)
  • Human - Perception (+50)


  • Heightened Senses gives +3 per skill point, up to +6 for 2/2.




You're a level 50 Rogue with Master of Deception 3/5 wearing The Master's Treads. You use a Sneaking Potion. Your stealth level would be (level x 5) + 9 + 5 + 30 or 294

Your facing a level 50 Hunter using Track Hidden. The Hunter's stealth level would be (level x 5) + 30 or 280.

You would have the advantage roughly equivalent of 3 levels.

Stealth Abilities

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