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Haste and haste rating are a means of quickening the rate at which a player attacks or casts spells. Note that this is not the same thing as increased Run Speed. There are also two variations on haste -- normal haste (for physical attacks) and spell haste.

Haste increases the rate at which something is accomplished. This does NOT mean that it automatically reduces the time that something is done by the same amount. For example, having 100% extra haste means you are working twice as quickly as you would normally, and thus finish the task in half the time. It is a common misconception that having 100% haste would lead to attacks taking no time at all, however it is not unheard for a player to have over 100% haste for short periods of time.

It is important to make the difference between Haste and Haste Rating.

Haste is always shown in a % form and it stacks with itself. For example, using Slice and Dice while under the effect of Bloodlust would yield a total of 70% Haste.

Haste Rating works slightly differently. First it is added together (So having 2 piece of gear with a 100 Haste Rating gives you 200 Haste Rating), it is than divided up and converted into a Haste % which is then added to rest of your Haste %. For example, if the above level 80 Rogue also had 200 Haste Rating, this Haste Rating would be converted into Haste (200 / 32.79 = 6.09) than added to the total, for a final Haste of 76.09%.

This number is then used to determined the Rogue's auto-attack with the following formula:

Haste Rating Conversion Value

This is the amount of Haste Rating to get 1% Haste at various level in the game:

  • Level 60: 10 Haste Rating
  • Level 70: 15.77 Haste Rating
  • Level 80: 32.79 Haste Rating

Regardless of how quickly a player is operating, they can only ever perform one action every 1.5 seconds (or 1.0 for rogues) because of the global cooldown, however their basic attacks can be far quicker than this.

As of patch 2.4.0, Spell Haste Rating can reduce the Global Cooldown to a minimum of 1.0 seconds for casting spells. The 1.5 second cooldown remains in effect for all other activities that trigger it, however.

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