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This article contains Warrior-specific macros that players have found useful.

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- this is a simple macro for those starting with Macro Creation. This macro is for Prot Warriors. To simplify the spelling errors and the ranks, open your ability window, and simple Shift+leftClick on the ability that you want to use in front of the /cast. Same thing works for Items with a /Use ability. - I never recommend a Castsequence Macro for a Prot Anything. You need to have your wits about you when Tanking, if something in the chain fails, and need to recast the /Castsequence will not go back a cast for you. - this macro works on three different abilities that the Global Cooldown effects each ability seperately. So you will Gain Attack Power, Charge HS, and intercept. Then the first attack will be the HS. and you are in the Fray with a Plus!! Enjoy!!

/cast Battle Shout(highest Rank) /cast Heroic Strike(highest Rank) /cast Intercept(highest Rank)

Interrupt Pro

/cast [equipped:Shields, stance:1/2] Shield Bash; [noequipped:Shields, stance:1/2] Berserker Stance; Pummel

This macro will use the best spell interrupt available under the circumstances; if you are using a Shield, it will attempt to Shield Bash (unless you are in Berserker Stance), and without a Shield will attempt to shift to Berserker Stance if required and then Pummel.

GetThere Deluxe

#showtooltip Charge
/cast [stance:1, nocombat, nomodifier:shift] Charge; [nostance:1, nocombat, nomodifier:shift] Battle Stance; Berserker Stance
/cast [modifier:shift] Bloodrage

#showtooltip Intercept
/cast [stance:3,combat] Intercept; [nocombat, nomodifier:shift] Battle Stance; [stance:3,modifier:shift] Intercept; Berserker Stance
/cast [modifier:shift] Bloodrage

Note that the above is actually two macros, not one.

This macro combines the functionality of Charge and Intercept into a single function. If you are in combat, the macro will attempt to shift to Berserker Stance if needed and Intercept. If you are out of combat, it will attempt to shift to Battle Stance if needed and Charge. Holding down Shift will force an override of Intercept, as well as using Bloodrage to generate additional rage to let you use it in the first place.

Mouseover Sunder

#showtooltip Sunder Armor
/cast [target=mouseover] Sunder Armor

This macro lets you sunder your current mouseover target, which is extremely useful for building AE threat. Even better, though, is that Sunder Armor does not break crowd control, allowing you to build threat on a CC'd target without breaking it. Normally Sunder activates autoattack, but because this is a different target than your current target you will not autoattack and break the CC.

Spell Reflect

#showtooltip Spell Reflection
/cast [equipped:Shields,nostance:3] Spell Reflection
/cast [stance:3] Battle Stance
/equip [noequipped:shields] Warglaive of Azzinoth
/equip [noequipped:shields] Bulwark of Azzinoth

A fantastic macro for any Warrior, this greatly simplifies Spell Reflect useage. If you don't have a shield equipped, it will equip your chose sword 'n' board combo as well as shifting you into the proper stance (any but Berserker; I have it set to shift to Battle Stance, which can Spell Reflect, but you may want Defensive) and Spell Reflect. Because Spell Reflect is not effected by the Global Cooldown you can double-tap the macro to equip your shield and then reflect. [1]

Buff Consolidation

/cast [modifier:shift]Commanding Shout; Battle Shout

A simple button that lets you use a single button to buff yourself with either BS or CS. Variants include the right-mouse button only (replace the modifier:shift with button:2), which I personally use, or using alt/ctrl instead of shift. You can even reverse the order so that Commanding Shout is the default behavior, which is useful for tanks. [2]


  1. ^ Yes, I really have those weapons. - RPZip
  2. ^ If you think this sounds overly simple, you're right.

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