Unholy Rune  

The unholy rune is well, Amazing it's great for extra damage, And you also can get much more damage to your weapon from adding the unholy rune to it, To add the unholy rune you have to Shift Right click your weapon And then there shuld be a address bar Simply type in Rune weapon and of course you have to be near a forge, Of course it takes a long time so you simply go get a drink of water or soda or just a bevrage you want come back and it should be near done rune forging you weapon the 4 runes you can use it blood rune unholy rune frost rune and death rune, those 4 runes have somthing to add to your weapon, for example the frost rune could give you a 1-2 % bonus to your weapon, It depends on what forge your using, Well thats all the info i can give, Thanks, Love Blizzard response team.

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