The Jumpatron - by Winternight (WoW)  


While riding through Nagrand, Ember noticed a little green man on the side of the road (little, meaning not 5 times taller than himself like most) The man called him over and said "I'll tell you what, Émber if you gather a few items for me to make my Jump-a-tron 4000 functional, I'll give you a key that will let you operate the machine as well! What can you do with a Jump-a-tron 4000 you say? What can't you do is more like it"

Unable to avoid his curiosity about what this strange machine could do, Émber gathered the materials that Wazat requested and returned to him. Wazat started explaining how to use the machine while sitting Émber down on the platform. Émber, being exhausted from killing the air elementals, hardly listened to what the green man was saying. "But be careful! Bodily injury or serious permanent damage may occur from a bad jump" exclaims Wazak.

The little gnome woke up to find himself suspended in mid-air... suddenly he started falling extremely fast. He looked down and observed his landing spot, a birds nest. Without thinking Émber reached into his back pocket.."DAMN where did i put that feather?!" He landed on the nest injuring his leg severely. He looked down at the wound "How am i going to heal this....OH i know!" Émber conjured some bread and began chowing down, meantime the large gash in his leg stitched itself back together. Émber stood up to find that he was sitting on his goal, the large egg.

A loud screeching sound could be heard from miles away. Suddenly a gigantic bird that could easily swallow five or six gnomes at a time swooped down and snatched the little mage up. Émber was never seen again...

World of Warcraft

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