PvP Levelling - by Teacake (WoW)  

So I'm leveling a new priest with my husband's warrior and it's my first experience leveling on a PVP server. We went into STV for the first time the other night and wouldn't you know it, you people here at Alla have been telling the truth all along. Every single PVP server cliche I was given to expect from reading these forums unfolded before my eyes.

First, a human warrior three levels higher than us starts following us around, but doesn't attack. "He's got a stealthed rogue who'll come out as soon as you charge him," says I.

Indeed he does.

We kill them and go about our business. They come back and try again. They are two and three levels higher than us, but we have a healer, and they are keyboard turners. They die. Four times total.

"They're going to get their friends now," says I.

Indeed they do.

About six members of their guild come kill us. We let it slide and go about our business. They kill us a second time.

"This is where we all get out our 80's," says I.

So we do.

We bring out our 80's and kill them. We log back in our little questers and, once again, go about our business. Knowing that they're going to be bringing out their 80's to gank us any second.

Indeed they do.

They start camping us. We bring our 80's back out. A level capped keyboard turner is still a keyboard turner. They die.

They bring in a couple of friends. But I'm a prot healer and haven't been nerfed yet, so I can't be killed. Then they bring a few more friends, one of which is a tree, and trees can't be killed either. We die.

"Now, since they're here, they go beat up Grom'gol" says I.

Indeed they do.

But by now all the other people they've been ganking have brought out their 80's too, and they have guildies. The brawl grows until there are more bones lying around than in the bunny's lair in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It goes on, on and off, for the rest of the night. It takes us hours logging in and out between characters to get what should have been an hour's worth of quests done.

Most fun I've ever had in WoW, for true.

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