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This article contains Priest-specific macros that players have found useful.

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Quick Heal

/cast Flash Heal

This macro will immediately start casting the spell inside the macro, whether or not another spell is currently being case. Note: if you are still within the global cooldown, this macro will stop your current cast without starting the included spell. This version uses Flash Heal to let you get a speedy heal off someone in trouble; other alternatives would be Power Word: Shield or even converting it into a "oh crap" button with Psychic Scream. Note: These are also known as "Stopcasting Macros."

Stopcasting macros are used heavily in high end raiding where one would typically use a pre-casting technique to queue up heals before they are needed.

Simple Shackle

/stopcasting [nochanneling:Shackle]
/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead,nomodifier:shift] Shackle Undead
/stopmacro [target=focus,exists,nodead,nomodifier:shift]

This macro will allow you to set a target as your shackle target then cast it upon them whenever you hit the button, no matter who your current target is. Can be spammed without interrupting itself due to the way the /stopcasting command is written. Hitting the Shift button will also force a Focus shift to your current target (can be modified to either ctrl or alt if you so choose, or even replace it with button:2 to refocus on a right-click).

Simple Burn

/stopcasting [nochanneling:Burn]
/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead,nomodifier:shift] Mana Burn
/stopmacro [target=focus,exists,nodead,nomodifier:shift]

Similar to the above macro, but replacing Shackle Undead with Mana Burn. Extremely useful in PvP, it lets you Mana Burn your focus target whenever applicable (such as when they come into line of sight) without having to target them. A must-have for Arenas.

Nifty Buff

#show Sacred Candle
/cast [target=mouseover,help,nomodifier:shift] Power Word: Fortitude; [target=mouseover,help] Prayer of Fortitude; [help,nomodifier:shift] Power Word: Fortitude; [help] Prayer of Fortitude

Designed to greatly simplify your buffing life as a Priest without resorting to a mod. By default it will cast Fort on your mouseover target, and if that is not eligible your current target. Hold shift down and it switches to Prayer of Fortitude. Can be trivially modified for Divine Spirit or Shadow Protection by simply swapping the spell names.

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